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22 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

We’ve been keeping an eye out at all the recent craft fairs and trade shows that we’ve been to lately. And we’ve been starting to notice a growing trend. Have you noticed? Maybe you’re already on board with this trend, and you’ve beat the rest of us at the game. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what the last trend was. No matter where you are in the crafting trend cycle, this current trend is one that we all can appreciate.


22 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

Woodworking and wooden crafts are all the rage lately! That rustic and homemade look seems to never go out of style. We certainly can appreciate the clean and elegant look of a wooden piece of home decor. Some people love the rustic look so much, they theme big events like weddings around this warm and welcoming idea. So it’s not surprising that wooden crafting is on the rise at recent craft shows.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for wooden crafting and woodworking. (Did you know that wooden jewelry is on the rise?) From rustic home decor to darling wooden displays for your crafts, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect wooden creations to bring with you to your next craft fair.

Wooden Displays Family Fence Coat Hanger

Wooden Tray Jewelry Organizer

Wood Mountains DIY Necklace Holder

Carved Heart and Flower Box

Family Fence Coat Hanger (shown)


Wooden Jewelry

Whimsically Simple DIY Wood RingsColor Block Wood Bangles

Tree Branch Post Earrings

Wooden Geometric Earrings

Vintage Victorian DIY Necklace

Wooden Donut Necklace

Color Block Wooden Bangles (shown)


Wooden and Rustic Home Decor

DIY Rustic Stitched Wooden Sign

Rustic Chic Family Name Wood Sign

Beautiful Birch DIY Candle Holders

Monogrammed Rustic Coasters (shown)Monogrammed Rustic Coasters

Tealight Table Decorations

Floral Birdhouse Home Decor

Wooden Pallet Coasters

Woodburned Family Tree

Elegant Wood Wall Monograms

Wooden Letter Magnets

Wood Slice Winter Painting

Rustic Pallet Wood Sign


Comment below and let us know, what’s your favorite way to craft with wood?