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4 Unconventional Places to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry

In addition to boutiques and craft shows, there are many non-traditional options for selling handcrafted jewelry. Thinking outside the box when it comes to selling your accessories can broaden your audience and increase your profits. Here are four unique places to consider:

Handmade Jewelry


1. Salons

Who wouldn’t want to shop for fashion accessories after their hair has just been cut and they’re looking fabulous? Many hair salons have added jewelry or boutique sections in order to increase revenue. It’s worth it to ask if they are taking new jewelry artists- just make sure your style fits in with the overall look of the hair salon. Also consider other beauty shops like local waxing boutiques, nail salons, and small cosmetics stores.

2. Home Parties

Like the legendary Tupperware parties of past years, private home parties can be a great option for selling your handmade jewelry creations. You can host a jewelry party in your own home or even at a friend’s house to celebrate a life event like an engagement, a baby shower, or a graduation. Invite your friends or family and encourage attendees to bring their own friends. When shoppers are able to try on jewelry in person, they are more likely to make a purchase. Bringing refreshments and offering discounts at these home parties are also great ways to boost your sales!

3. Sweets Shops

Candy stores, ice cream parlors, and bakeries often want impulse items to place by the cash register. If you notice your local sweets shop has other non-food items, it’s worth it to ask if they are looking for jewelry to sell. These shops might even want jewelry or accessories for the employees to wear at work, so keep your options open when it comes to approaching new places. It also helps if your items relate to the foods sold at the store. For example, my acrylic donut necklaces would be more appropriate in a donut shop than in a specialty cupcake bakery.

4. Concerts

Almost all music shows or concerts have a merchandise table. Once you’ve found your target audience or music style, you can contact bands or venues about selling your handmade jewelry at their shows. Many outdoor festivals have also added craft fair areas for attendees to shop between sets, so look for vendor applications on social media or ask a friend who is also in the craft scene.



What other unusual venues have you sold jewelry at recently? Comment below, and then check out Rebecca’s Etsy shop!