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How To Track Your Online Growth

online-growthAs a small creative business owner, you have probably been hearing over and over again about how you should have a blog, be sharing on social media, and doing lots of other things online to promote your business. Sometimes it can feel like you are doing a lot of work but you are not getting anywhere.


You’ve created some YouTube videos, posted to your blog and shared behind the scenes photos on Instagram. People love your work, leave nice comments and even share your postings with their friends.


Sometimes though, you look at the numbers of fans, followers and friends and wonder if you are making any progress. Is your circle of influence any wider than it was last month? Has your newsletter list or email RSS feed grown any at all? Will it even do any good to keep the online store open?


This handy tracking spreadsheet I created will surprise you. It is a super simple way to once a month make note of the numbers and keep track of them. You will probably be quite surprised to find that your numbers are growing slow but steady.

Basic Growth Tracker

And seeing that growth will not only give you the courage to keep going, but will likely inspire you to do even more.


Simply download it to your desktop or to a document file and set a reminder on your calendar or phone to update it the first of every month. Refer back to it when you feel like you aren’t growing fast enough. Also, use it to determine which social platforms are growing faster so that you can spend a few more minutes promoting on that platform. OR find out which social platform isn’t doing well at all and jettison it so you have more time to concentrate on the platforms that ARE doing well.

By: Vicki O’Dell, The Creative Goddess

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 How do you like to track your online presence?