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Top 5 Tips for Great Photos

It’s true that a lot of people don’t develop their photos anymore, which is very unfortunate in my mind. But Taking photos is still very popular and each of our smart phones is a living proof of that. So weather or not you develop your photos, use them in a layout or a project or just leave them on your computer you will agree with me that everyone wants their photos to look great. You still want to post them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and even if you just share them with your family pretty photos are better.



Here are the Top 5 Tips for Great Photos

  1. Pay attention to the background. Sometimes we are so focused on capturing the photo’s subject that we don’t notice in the background the kid picking his nose, the telephone pole, or the the cluttered living room with all the toys on the floor.
  2. Don’t direct or wait until everything is perfect. The best photos are when people don’t notice or unaware they are being photographed. These photos capture what we want to tell in the best way.
  3. Always think about lighting. The best photos are taken in natural light. Always keep the light behind what your photographing and never do that while in front of the sun. If you need flash use it!
  4. take as many photos as possible! Now you don’t have to worry about the cost of developing the photos. It’s all digital and you can delete the bad photos as fast as you shoot them! So it’s better to have lots to choose the best from.
  5. The last tip is when you take photos with your phone. Use it like a camera not a phone. That means that you take the photo while the phone is horizontal and not vertical!

You now have no excuse for not having great photos. The only problem you’ll have is having too many good photos and not enough memory space for them.

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