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Start A Newsletter: Craft Business Resolutions for 2014

There are many tools out there for marketing a business, from blogs and Facebook pages to viral videos and the prettiest pictures made for Pinterest. All of these are very beneficial, and can certainly help you grow your business. But my favorite tool of all is a good old fashioned newsletter!

Image via Bryozone.com

Newsletters may not seem very glamorous or modern. After all, they’ve been around much longer than the Internet and the other marketing tools we typically use. Newsletters have staying power, and they do work!

If you are only relying on Facebook or Twitter to deliver your message, you need to hope that your potential customers are on that social network during the same time that you’re posting your update or tweet. As you can guess, the majority of people will miss your marketing message.

On the other hand, most people check their e-mail at least a few times per day, if not more. If you send out an e-mail newsletter, they’ll see it since it will be in their inbox waiting for them the next time they log on.

There are many low-cost and free newsletter services, such as Mail Chimp. You want to use a service because they handle all the hard work for you. When you sign up for the service, you can easily create sign-up forms that you can place on your blog and/or website. When someone signs up, the newsletter service will do all of the work.

Newsletter services also have pre-made templates that you can use for your newsletter. All you need to do is create some content. Your newsletter can be very simple. You can post the links to some of your recent blog posts, as well as the links to some of your items.

Sometimes, people just need a little reminder that your business exists. Start sending out a newsletter at least once per month, and you’ll see that your sales will increase!

By Crissy Herron, www.IndieBizChicks.com