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SEO Tips: Help Customers and Search Engines Find You

Help customers and search engines find you so you can grow your creative business. If you don’t have a social presence it’s almost impossible to promote your business. However social media presence doesn’t automatically guarantee an overflowing stream of customers and purchases. You need to be smart about your social media presence and help customers and search engines find you. Here are a few things you must never forget if you want customers and search engines to find you and keep them interested too.


Help Customers and Search Engines Find You


Name your Photos

Always name your photos with descriptive words, and with the correct separators such as dashes and no stop words. For example: black-hat-on-big-head.jpg Don’t leave your photos names as numbers or name them with one word.

Be the Same

People and search engines can’t find you if you have a different name on every website. You have to be consistent and have the same name on every social media. If you don’t have a photo of yourselves it makes it even harder. If you are Happy Scrapper on facebook, you can’t be scrap1234 on Instagram. Nobody can know it’s the same person.


Use keywords in your content from titles and descriptions to posts and hashtags. Use Google’s keyword tool to find out what words your customers are looking for. Use your keywords to find a focus for your blog posts and shop item descriptions. Try to incorporate these keywords as much as possible but keep it logical and within sentences.


Every page gets an image! If you don’t have a photo on every page your customers can’t share your page or post on Pinterest. Pinterest today is one of the leading craft sites that converts traffic to sales so you definitely want to be there.


Understanding Search Engine Optimization is important. I use a plugin on my wordpress website and blog to help me check all the SEO options so I don’t need to remember it myself.

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