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Rebecca’s Etsy Series, Part 1: Six Ways to Effectively Use Your Etsy Shop’s Dashboard Page

One of my favorite shop tools on Etsy is the Dashboard page. It’s easy to use, free, and it consolidates a lot of info into an interactive area that can help your shop thrive. You’re able to get a quick glimpse of your orders and listings, compare revenue and views, and much more! Many of the buttons take you to other parts of your shop, so it really is a centralized “dashboard” (like you’d have in a car) to run your Etsy store!

To find this page on the desktop version: click on your Shop Icon (the third button on the top right), then go to “Quick Links” and “Dashboard” to the right on the dropdown. You can also view a simpler, modified version of it on the iPhone, iPad, and Android Sell on Etsy apps. These tips will focus on the desktop version because it includes so many features.

1. See Your Shop’s Activity Feed

The Dashboard consists of two main tabs- “Overview” and “Shop Activity.” All of the other tools we’ll discuss are on your Overview tab, but let’s focus on the Shop Activity section first. This feature basically alerts you to everything that goes on with the products in your store from the shopper’s side. Here you’ll have a scrollable feed that tells you when someone favorites your items or shop, lets you know that a customer left a review, and helps you see that you had an order in your shop. Those little blue numbers over your Icon indicate a new notification in your feed. Review and order notifications will have a button to click on to go right to the relevant page, making it really easy to get where you need.

2. Compare Sales and Views

You can also use the Dashboard to compare your stats over various time periods. Under the “Overview” tab you’ll have a “Shop Stats” section with the option to see “Views,” “Favorites,” “Orders,” and “Revenue.” This tool allows you to select several time frames- today, yesterday, the past seven days, and the past thirty days. From here you can also analyze your stats in comparison to the previous time frame and the same time frame a year ago, with increases (in views, sales, etc.) in green and decreases in red. This is a great way to see how your business is growing and if your views and orders have increased! There’s also a button at the bottom of this section that will take you to the more in-depth stats page (where you can see all of your traffic sources and keywords used to find your products).

3. Get Shop Improvement Tips

Towards the bottom of the Dashboard’s Overview page there is a “Shop Suggestions” area. If you click on “Learn More” these suggestions will take you to articles in Etsy’s Seller Handbook. These posts are focused on increasing your SEO skills, marketing, photography, and other aspects of running a shop on Etsy. Use these articles to improve your shop and to grow as a seller!

4. Know When Listings are Expiring

I like to know when my older listings are due to expire, and this is right at hand in the Dashboard. The middle section shows you how many of your listings are expiring within a week, as well as those that have expired or are sold out. You can then click on these and it will take you to the relevant page on the Listings Manager, as well as the main page from the link at the bottom.

5. Manage Your Sold Orders

This part will give you a quick snapshot of the status of your sold orders. It shows you how many are “Not Paid” and “Not Shipped” and then if you click on “Manage Your Orders” it will take you to the main page with all of your orders. Another great way to see what you need to work on while you are checking all the other cool features!

6. View Your Funds for Deposit

The amount you have ready for deposit from your Shop Payment Account can also be checked in the Dashboard. This reflects the amount that will get transferred to your linked bank account from your Direct Checkout sales (and integrated PayPal if you use it). Deposits are usually on Mondays (if there isn’t a holiday), but from this part of the Dashboard you can schedule an even earlier deposit. It’s an easy way to see how much you will be receiving each week, and you can also click on the button at the bottom to go to the Shop Payment Account page.

Want other ways do you use the Etsy Shop Dashboard?