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Maximizing Profits at Craft Shows (Part 2): Displays that Increase Sales

The next part of this series is focused on creating displays that attracts shoppers- and hopefully turns them into buyers. The more appealing, professional, and organized your booth, the better. You can encourage buyers to purchase your products with the following suggestions:

Do a Practice Setup

It’s a good idea to do a trial run a few days before your craft show. This way you can work out any issues with your display while you have plenty of time to make changes. Try to make it as close to what you’ll be bringing to the craft show as possible, and also take photos so you can easily replicate it during setup. It’s a lot easier to perfect your display arrangement beforehand than to spend time at the show frantically moving the elements around.

Extra tip: An added bonus to doing a mock setup- you can use photos of it for future craft show applications.

Be Clean and Organized

Having a neat and clean booth is critical to success at craft shows. Shoppers are much more likely to purchase from a tidy vendor than one that is messy. This includes making sure your tablecloth isn’t wrinkled, that your products are arranged in a nice way, and that you don’t have excess clutter or littler around your booth. Neatly tuck your extra stock and display packaging under your table, and make sure to periodically check your booth to make sure things aren’t in disarray.

Have Adequate Signage

Attract buyers by prominently displaying signs that indicate your pricing, ingredients (for food and bath products), and accepted payment methods. Shoppers can be put off by having to ask for a price or what a product is used for if it’s not clear. Also consider including signage that encourages custom orders and details about other colors and sizes that are available. The more clear information you provide, the higher your sales will be at a craft show!

Elevate Your Display

You’ll sell more products if they are easily seen by potential customers. Don’t have all your items at one level- elevate them by creating displays that are vertical and varying in depth and dimension. Shoppers are more likely to stop and purchase if your products are at eye level and visible from a distance. The more people who visit your booth, the more likely you are to sell your handmade goods.

Extra tip: Raise your table even higher by using bed or table risers under each leg. You can easily find them online or at housewares shops.

Apply these easy tips and see your product sales increase at your next craft show!