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Lights, Camera, Action How to Light Your Photos and Displays

Whether you’re having trouble lighting your photos or lighting your displays at art fairs and craft shows, I can shed some light on solutions.

Many years ago when I used to go out to California to tape segments for the Aleene’s Creative Living show, I was always in awe of the Lighting Guy. We had a bit of a love/hate relationship – I was always bringing out shiny things for my set props and shiny isn’t easy to photograph, let alone video tape. He sometimes spent hours getting the light just right so my projects would look great.

There are so many different types of lighting – fluorescent, Incandescent, halogen, and more. The goal for photography and video is to get as close to Mother Nature as possible because full spectrum light (daylight) gives us the best images. I’m not an expert when it comes to light, light fixtures, or even what the heck UV is, but I do know when I can’t see! Aging doesn’t help matters. The older we get, the more important having enough light to see becomes.

Lighting your display

If displaying indoors, it is easier to add some light to your display than it is if you display outdoors. Many outdoor exhibitors invest in generators to provide the energy needed to incorporate lighting. If your display is dark or in the shadows, your customers might be missing products you want to sell. Consider the best balance for your budget.

Adding light to your photos

For photography, try to use Mother Nature’s light whenever possible. It’s free! Most experts say to do your photography in the morning or late afternoon, away from harsh mid-day sunlight; better yet, go outside when it is slightly overcast for beautiful soft light.


By: Maria Nerius, FaveCrafts.com resident craft expert.

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