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3 Tips: How to Tackle Your To-Do List and Rule Your Crafty Business

The to-do list… an essential part of small business organization. They can be daunting, but they’re necessary for remembering what needs to be worked on for a particular day, week, or month, and they’ll help you Stop Procrastinating. Instead of being intimidated by your to-do list, use the following hints to make it much easier!

1. Get the Hard Things Out of the Way First

We all have tasks that we dread doing for our business- from an unpleasant phone call to a tricky design job. I recommend getting these things done first so you don’t obsess or worry about them. Plus, getting larger tasks knocked out early in the day will put you in a productive mindset. Once you’ve handled the not-so-fun part of your day, the rest will seem like a breeze!

2. Go in Chronological Order

After finishing your hardest responsibilities, continue to follow your checklist in order. If you bounce back and forth between tasks, nothing will get done. It is also important to craft your to-do list while being mindful of time sensitivity. Tackle the most pressing items on your list–such as filling orders, paying taxes, and responding to urgent emails–first.

3. Reward Yourself

A reward doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You can simply take a walk if it’s nice outside, indulge in an at-home beauty treatment, or make yourself a special snack. Anything that will encourage you to finish your list and provide a feeling of well-being can be considered a reward. Plus, taking small, mental breaks from work helps keep you focused. You’ve checked off most of your list: you deserve it!


What other tips or techniques do you use to complete your task list?