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How to Start an Etsy Shop: 20 Important Etsy Tips for New Sellers

There are so many aspects to work on when you’re first starting out on Etsy. To know how to start an Etsy shop, you’ll want to learn about creating listing photos, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), customer service, shipping, and much more.

This list will help you streamline the process and know what to focus on at the beginning. It’s geared towards newbies, but all sellers can benefit from this advice!

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How to Start an Etsy Shop


1. Provide exceptional customer service in your shop: Etsy Customer Service Tips

2. Find the best keywords for your products so they are found in search: How to Source the Best Keywords for Your Etsy Shop

The key to Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) success on Etsy is picking the most effective keywords for your shop and items.


3. Familiarize yourself with Etsy’s convo system so you can easily communicate with customers: Etsy Conversations

4. Consider offering international shipping to expand your customer base: Should Your Handmade Business Offer International Shipping on Etsy?

5. Make sure your photos are getting your items noticed: Photo Tips for Your Etsy Shop’s Item Listings

6. Download the Sell on Etsy app for your smartphone to run your shop on the go: Making the Most of the Sell on Etsy Smartphone App

7. Use the Shop Updates feature to promote your items: Using Etsy’s Shop Updates Feature

8. Think about accepting custom orders, and create a “reserved custom listing” image to use for them: Manage Your Custom Orders

Remember you’re running a business, so don’t put a ton of time into a custom order before securing a payment.


9. Monitor your Shop Stats to see your views and traffic sources: Check Your Stats

10. Use the Featured Listings tool to highlight a few of your products: Using Featured Listings

11. Get ready for the holiday rush in advance: Prep for Holiday Rush

12. Save time and money by printing your shipping labels on Etsy: Print Your Own Shipping Labels

13. Use listing variations for products with more than one option for color, size, scent, etc: Using Product Listing Variations

14. Use seasonal and holiday keywords in your listings when they apply: Use Seasonal Keywords

15. Join Teams on Etsy to get involved in the craft community: Join Etsy teams

craft business advice

16. Learn how to create coupon codes for your shop: Create custom coupon codes

17. Include item recipient keywords when creating listings: Use gift recipient keywords

18. Add your Shop Policies so customers will know about returns, payment options, shipping, etc: Handling Item Returns and Exchanges

19. Utilize the Listing Manager to keep track of item listings and more: Using the Listings Manager Feature

20. Promote your shop on social media platforms, including Instagram: Instagram Tips

What are your Etsy tips, crafters? Any questions for us?