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Price Tags or Signs? How to Price your Items for a Craft Show

Everyone has a little different opinion when it comes to putting price stickers or tags onto items. As a consumer attending an event where handmade items are sold, I like to be able to find the price of an item without asking. Price stickers, labels, or tags make that easy to do. I just pick up the item and know I’ll find a price somewhere on it. This is how most of retail does it and, as a consumer, I’ve formed the habit of just looking to find the price. If I can’t find the price, I usually put it back and walk away. Again, experience tells me if I have to ask for the price I probably can’t afford the item, which may or may not be a true assumption.

It does take time to price each item you make. If you feel a price tag will take away from the aesthetics of your art or craft, prepare a standing card with the price that can be placed near it. If you don’t want to waste time pricing because all of your items are the same price or you only have a handful of prices, then color coding or signage might be better than individual price tags. Just make sure your color code index is big enough for all ages to read and understand.

It’s a simple thing, but if overlooked you may be losing sales. In most parts of the country, it is understood that bargaining or asking for a lower price isn’t the status quo, but if someone buys in bulk or large quantity, be prepared to be asked for a price break. Don’t lose your profit, but be open to letting the person have a small percentage off or throwing in a low ticket item for them.

A customer shouldn’t have to ask what the price is when shopping for your goods. Take the time to figure out how you will price your items and take the guesswork out of buying your products.


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By: Maria Nerius, FaveCrafts.com Resident Craft Expert

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