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How to Keep Up with Current Trends

A key to improving your business is being able to stay on trend. One minute something’s in, the next it’s out. To help your business grow, you need to be able to keep up with the constantly changing market. To do this you should be able to recognize when a trend is on the cusp of exploding. So how can you jump on the bandwagon before everyone else?


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One of the greatest resources you have for finding trends is social media. These sites are a goldmine when it comes to finding out what’s in and what’s out. Powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter are a direct line to millions upon millions of people, all of whom are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions.

Then there’s Pinterest. This virtual bulletin board is one of the easiest ways to see what people are interested in. The entire concept of the site is to pin things that interest you onto your boards. Take some time to search through the different categories relating to what you make and see if there’s a common theme or a certain pin that really has people talking. The “Popular” tab, which shows top pins from all subjects, is a great way to see what’s piquing people’s interest, too.

Another good resource is to see what’s selling on shopping sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Some of these sites will feature what’s popular that day or even that month. To focus in even more, look through their inventory to check out the current trends. Ask yourself; is there a particular theme or design that dominates the group? Do they have a lot of a particular color or design?

Craft fairs and other craft sites are also great resources. Just like in the previous examples, it’s all about trying to see if there’s a common item or theme. At the next craft fair you attend, see what people are talking about or what the patrons are buying. Is there something people are asking for? By finding these, you now have some great ideas on what to make next.

Above all else, keeping up on current topics, especially pop culture is a good way to stay current. Great things to look at are popular TV shows, movies, books, and fashions. Is there a common decade that these popular shows are on? Was there a common color or design style at fashion week? Is there something a character wears that you could make and sell?

To keep your business booming, you have to be able to recognize a trend. Ask friends what has caught their eye recently, flip through the magazines at the check out lines, and browse through the e-Commerce sites. These resources are terrifc way to help you recognize a trend and keep current.


How do you keep your inventory current?

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