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Keep Customers Coming Back After the Holiday Season

This is a very busy time of year for anyone selling handmade goods. Since everyone is looking for gifts, décor and other seasonal items, you may have seen an increase in site traffic, sales and more. While this is a very important prospect, it can also be terrifying for a crafty businessperson. Once the holidays are over and the gift giving season ends, you’re left with the following question: Now what? How do you sustain that growth and engagement when there is less incentive to buy?

Luckily, Arianne Foulks has the keys to success in her article Don’t Lose Your Holiday Customers for Oh My Handmade Goodness. She presents a few helpful tips for anyone who is unsure of how to keep holiday shoppers coming back for more. She suggests offering incentives like coupons and gift certificates. This will remind people about your business and will give them a reason to come back. Also, newsletters and social media channels are also crucial if you want to keep people coming back for more.
Head over to Oh My Handmade Goodness and check out the full article – Don’t Lose Your Holiday Customers.

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