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How to Use Hashtags on Facebook for Your Crafty Business

hashtags-for-facebookLast year the popular social media network Facebook.com added active “hashtags” to posts.  This means that you can tag your posts and comments with searchable words that help your company get found- so cool!  Let’s look at how this new feature works and how to use it on your crafty business’ Facebook Fan Page.

As a refresher, hashtags are words or phrases with the # symbol in front, like #handmade #jewelry, and #smallbusiness.  You may have seen them on Twitter.com, where they have been used for several years.  Use hashtags to describe your unique business and products- from the item type, style, color, holiday, event, location or city, etc.  Remember to always make sure your hashtags really apply to the Facebook post you are adding them to- this way they reach your target audience and accurately depict the post.  It’s also not advisable to use other company names, celebs, etc. in your hashtags.

Now for how to tag your Facebook posts!

Utilize hashtags when you’re writing a Facebook Fan Page post about an event, new item, sale, blog post and anything else you share with your followers.  Hashtags can also be included in personal posts, though those won’t be as searchable due to privacy settings.  They’re as simple as typing the number sign (#) and then the word (without a space between), and can be placed wherever you like in the post (though I tend to put them at the end).  Hashtags will turn blue (be “highlighted”) when written properly, and then will be clickable after your post goes live.  Also, if you share the same content on Facebook and Twitter, those hashtags will be clickable on both sites now rather than only on your tweets!

hashtags on Facebook example

When a person clicks on a hashtag, a new page will appear and they will first see posts tagged with that word from Pages they already like. After those already “liked” by the user, they will see other Fan Pages (as well as public personal pages) that are new or unknown to them when scrolling down. This makes it a great way to gain new fans who are interested in these hashtag topics.  I have started following Pages this way, and am sure some of my new fans found my jewelry company through hashtags as well!  Discovering Fan Pages that relate to your field and liking them will help you create a network of resources for your crafty business on the social media platform.

What are your favorite hashtags to use for your handmade brand’s Facebook Fan Page?

By Rebecca George from Purple and Lime.