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How to Get the Most of One Blog Post

You spend a lot of time writing content for your blog but then you publish it once and that is it. You need to come up with more content and start again. Here are a few tips on how to get more from each blog post you create.

  1. Share on social media. Create links to your original post on facebook and twitter, pin the photo on pinterest and publish it on Instagram. You can share directly or schedule the posts to be shared over a period of time.
  2. Create new post from old posts by updating it or adding a new angle. For example if you did a project about a mixed media canvas share what you did with it. Did you sell it or hang it on your studio wall, or maybe gave it as a gift.
  3. Create a round up of a few projects you posted about with a common theme or technique. Round ups can be on any subject like Christmas cards, ideas for maximizing your supplies or how to tutorials. You can even use the same posts in different round ups as long as they fit the theme. For example the same mini album can be on a round up of mini albums, holiday gifts or use your scraps series.
  4. Design an e-book based on your post. Take your post and design an ebook around it. You can add your own content or guest content.
  5. Create a video on the subject or project in your post. Any project you did can be redone in a format of a video. Then you also get content for your YouTube channel.
  6. Submit the content to sharing websites. There are many websites online that share other people’s content. This gives you more exposure and you can use your old posts.

Using your posts in a creative way will give you more exposure on other channels and can expand your brand without extra effort on your part.

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