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Encouraging Repeat Customers In Your Handmade Business

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Whether you sell your crafty goods on Etsy, through your own website, or focus on wholesale orders, the value of repeat customers is undeniable. They can be easily gained by offering discount coupons, responding politely to questions, and saying hello to established shoppers. The following three tips will help you build connections with your buyers- encouraging them to return for more of your handmade items!

1. Offer Great Customer Service

The fundamental key to having repeat purchasers of your crafty goods is providing excellent customer service. Adding freebies to your mail orders, communicating quickly and honestly, and responding to any complaints professionally are just a few ways to go the extra mile for your shoppers. I’ve had past orders where something might have gone slightly wrong (delayed in the mail, out of a supply for the order, etc.), but my willingness to make things right kept the customer coming back. Treat everyone as if they will be a long-term customer, and they most likely will be in the future!

2. Send Out Coupons or Promotions

Creating an email or snail mail list is an effective way to gain repeat business. You can show off new products while offering a sale or coupon for the recipients. Keep it simple, like a BOGO (buy one get one) Free sale or 10% off (with a redemption code clearly stated). This little percentage off might inspire a purchase from a past customer, or even a forward by them to an interested friend.

Never add anyone to your mailing lists without permission. Methods to gain this access include an email subscribe button on your website and blog, a paper sign-up sheet at a craft show, and a little card with an incentive to join (like a coupon) in mail orders. Remember it’s against Etsy’s terms of use rules to contact other members, even past customers, with discounts and promotions.

3. Check In Occasionally

Everyone gets busy, so it doesn’t hurt to check in with a regular customer every so often. This doesn’t mean you should bombard them with emails and phone calls, but the occasional check-in might remind wholesale buyers that it’s time to re-order. Another example: if you have a retail customer who buys your handmade holiday ornaments every year as gifts, send a little email with photos of the brand new selection. The check-in should be limited to already established business relationships, so keep that in mind when connecting.


What other ways have you kept past customers happy and coming back to your business?

By Rebecca George from Purple and Lime.