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Go Digital: eBooks Can Boost Your Business

We all know that Amazon is a huge online retailer. One thing I love about this site is that they did not initially reject the idea of ebooks thinking it could hurt their business of selling physical books. Instead, they helped to bring the idea to the mainstream by introducing the Kindle Reader and creating a whole Kindle store where people could buy ebooks.



You can also sell your own ebooks from the Kindle store – and that can help you grow your business!

Amazon receives a HUGE amount of traffic. Their visitors may be interested in the topics you write about, but they may never find your site on their own. Your future Kindle books serve as an introduction to a large number of loyal readers and customers.

You don’t need any fancy software to create your Kindle book. In fact, I have used Microsoft Word. Here is Amazon’s guide on formatting your Kindle book.

Another eBook bonus is that you do not have to create new content! If you have several blog posts on the same subject, you can group them together to create your Kindle book.

You don’t have to make your Kindle book an epic novel, either. Your goal is to give your readers a solution to one specific problem, whether that is how to organize your closet in a weekend, how to get breakfast on the table in a hurry, or no-sew craft ideas for kids.

I would suggest keeping your Kindle book to somewhere between 10–20 pages and selling it for under $3.00. You want people to buy the book and learn about your business and website. If you price your book at $25, people are going to be hesitant to buy it. If you price it at $1.99, people will buy it without even thinking about the cost.

You’ll also want to create a little introduction on the first page, that tells the readers about yourself and invites them to visit your website or sign up for your newsletter, and include the link! The link will be active and people can click right over.

You want to do this at the beginning, so even the people who only get the “free sample” of your Kindle book will still see the link to your website

Amazon will even promote your book to their customers on your behalf! This really is a great way to market your business and find new readers and customers!

By Crissy Herron, www.IndieBizChicks.com