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7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair

There are a lot of mistakes a seller can make at a craft fair. Operating your own craft booth can be difficult, so avoiding common mistakes is key to a more successful craft fair experience.

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair

One common mistake is poor customer service. However, there are so many aspects to providing good customer service, you might be wondering where you should start. If you can avoid these common mistakes that we’ve transformed into good customer service tips, then you’ll be on your way to having an amazing craft fair event!

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair


1. You don’t make yourself available.

You should always be visible and available to answer any concerns or questions. That means you aren’t hiding in a corner of the booth or behind merchandise — you’re visible as the craft booth owner. This goes hand-in-hand with making yourself approachable. Smile, be friendly, and appear open to any inquires. Don’t be afraid to greet people as they enter your booth in a friendly manner, as if they’re entering your home.

2. You haven’t set up your booth to prevent small customer service issues.

This sounds strange, but you actually want to avoid as much customer service as possible. We’re talking about trivial customer service issues such as price inquires that can easily be prevented. You can do this by making sure your booth is organized, priced, and labeled. If you have fewer simple customer service issues to address, then you’ll have more time for more engaging customer service such as offering advice, packaging purchases, or actively promoting your products. To find out which customer service issues are easily avoided, read our post on the 10 Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair.

3. You aren’t distributing business cards.

You should frequently be handing out your business cards while manning your craft booth. When chatting with someone about your products, hand that person your business card. When you’re packaging up a purchase, place a business card in the bag. You are instantly providing your customers and potential customers with all the information they need: your company name, your contact information, your business website, etc. It’s instant customer service that your customers aren’t even aware they’re receiving, but in the end, they’ll experience the convenience of not having to ask or to go looking for this information. It’s easier for everyone! For tips on ensuring you have a great business card, view our post on What Does Your Business Card Design Say About You?

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair

4. You don’t offer free gift wrapping.

We all know the most profitable time of the year is tied to the holiday season. Why? Well, gifts of course! Customers love to buy gifts at craft fairs because a gift made by an awesome crafter shines with personality. You’re bound to leave a lasting impression on your customers if you offer free gift wrapping. This not only is a major convenience to your customer, but also allows you to put the face of your brand on the gift. The love and care that was put into the product itself will also be translated into the giftwrap. It’s undeniably special!

5. You’re distracted by a friend or a helping-hand.

Sure, helping-hands are great and much needed during the busy season. It’s even better when that helper is a family member or a good friend! However, this can prove distracting to a craft booth vender. You may be tempted to chat together or to sit in the back of the craft booth, but unfortunately, this can give potential customers the impression that they’re intruding on a private party. Make sure that you are giving your customers as much (if not more!) conversation and attention as your friend.

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair

6. Your helping-hand isn’t educated on proper customer service.

If you have a volunteer or a part-time employee helping you man your craft booth, then you need to ensure that person is educated on proper customer service. Sure, you know that it’s key to smile and to always go the extra mile for a customer, but does your helping-hand know? Your helper could potentially hurt your business if he or she doesn’t follow basic customer service such as being able to offer up valuable product information, keeping the booth tidy, and greeting customers as they enter. You shouldn’t expect your helping-hand to know basic customer service skills that may seem common sense to you — especially if that person doesn’t have prior retail experience.

7. You don’t listen to your customers.

You should always listen to your customers. We’re talking about feedback on your craft booth design, products, prices, etc. This is free feedback that you should be listening to because your customers are literally telling you what they want. This allows you to make constructive changes to your craft booth design, product line, marketing strategy, etc. You never know! If you start catering to your market’s specific needs, then you’ll be more successful at craft fairs — both in selling product and in customer service!


What’s your best customer service tip?