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Create Your Own Home Photography Studio for Cheap!

If you shop online, you know how important photos are when making final shopping decisions. A bad photo could be the difference between moving to a different product and putting your product into their shopping cart. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are taking the best photos you can when listing items for sale online. Luckily, there are thousands of tutorials and tips on how to take better photos out there online. I happened across this one from Photojojo – a fantastic website for photography lessons and tips.

Make Your Own Photo Studio

Photo source: Photojojo

This awesome article tells you exactly how to set up a home photo studio using your window, a piece of white board, and some L-brackets or another stand. A tripod would also be handy but when you’re taking photographs at home, you can use lots of other surfaces to stabilize your camera like a small table. If you don’t have an external flash, I highly recommend getting one, but there is also this tutorial on how to make your own flash diffuser for the one that comes with your camera.

I like this article because it gives you a few different options instead of just telling you that these are the things you will need. For example if you don’t want to run out and buy white board you can also use cardboard and white copy paper to achieve the same effect. There are lots of other tips too for setting up and shooting – all great things that will make your craft products look their best and end up in more shopping carts!

Read the full article on how to set up your own home photo studio.

Where do you take your product photos?