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Craft Store Resources: Jewelry Making

When it comes to buying supplies for making your products, I always have a hard time connecting the ideas I have ┬áin my head and finding affordable supplies to make them. Local craft stores are my favorite to shop at, but unfortunately they do have a limited selection. Luckily the internet has made it easy to buy all the craft supplies of your dreams! I thought it might be nice to have round ups by craft genre of good places to buy craft supplies online. I’m starting off with jewelry because I love making jewelry so I’m more familiar with the sites. If you have any other jewelry making supply store to add that aren’t on this list, please do in the comments!

List of Jewelry Making Supply Sellers Online

Firemountain Gems


Aunties Beads

Rio Grande



Thunderbird Supply Company

Rings and Things

Wire Sulpture

House of Gems



Vintage Jewelry Supplies

Those are just some that I like to browse through. What are your favorite online jewelry making suppliers?