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8 Craft Booth Tablecloths We Want Now

One of the most important elements to your craft booth design is your tablecloth. Often underestimated, your craft booth tablecloth helps you hide your stock, store your craft fair essentials, draw attention to your booth, and much more! However, you want to keep in mind that you don’t want your tablecloth to overpower your overall craft booth design and you want it to compliment your brand. We’ve put together a list of some craft booth tablecloths we love, so you can feel inspired to design your own! Check our our post on 11 of the BEST DIY Tablecloths for Your Craft Fair Booth if you’re looking for some great free tablecloth patterns.

8 Craft Booth Tablecloths We Want Now

1.) We enjoy a great ruffled tablecloth – especially if you’re looking to add a feminine look to your craft fair booth. This tablecloth is extra pretty because of the color variances, and we love the idea of mixing up the colors of each ruffled layer.

We are all set up and ready to go at the #lyndencraftandantiqueshow #handmade #shophandmade #curlygirlyboutique #craftshow #craftbooth

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2.) A black and white tablecloth is always a win-win. These stripes are super fun, but aren’t overwhelming because they don’t cover the entire tablecloth. When you choose a black and white tablecloth, you’re left with room to add tons of color everywhere else in your booth.

All set up at my last outdoor South End Open Market @SoWa. If you can't come by today, fear not: I'll be at their indoor holiday market in December too.

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3.) This tablecloth proves that you can find a beautiful print that represents your brand perfectly. The print isn’t too bold that it overpowers the other decorative details or the merchandise found in the craft booth.


4.) This lace tablecloth is simply gorgeous! It’s clearly the star of the show, and everything in this craft booth is romantically rustic.

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5.) A fun idea for your craft booth tablecloth is to make your own print. This print represents the fun products and it’s undeniably unique.

Market Market! And an oooh so lovely day!! #eugene #saturdaymarket #bowtie #craftbooth #ilovemyjob

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6.) Sparkle! Combining a plain, white tablecloth with an over-the-top sequin tablecloth is amazing. The sparkle won’t blind your shoppers and it takes the glam down a few notches. If you’re product is rustic and homey, then you don’t want to pair it with a super glamorous craft booth design.


7.) We’ve never seen a craft fair tablecloth like this before! It’s fun, colorful, and looks like a party. You could have so much fun mixing and matching prints or textures in this tablecloth design.


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8.) What a pretty floral tablecloth! This craft booth proves that a classic, floral tablecloth is always timeless and beautiful.

Find me today at Westerville North H.S. 950 County Line Rd. 9:30-3:00. #craftshow #asseenincolumbus #shopsmall #handmadejewelry #columbusohio #madeinohio

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Comment below and let us know, which of these craft fair booth tablecloths inspire you the most?

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