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Business Blogging Part 5: Why You Should Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Craft Business Blog

An editorial calendar is a fantastic tool for organizing and developing your handmade business blog. It can be a typed spreadsheet or written list- whichever you feel more comfortable using. You’ll want to include ideas for future content as well as the dates that your posts will be edited and published.


Checking off or highlighting the posts as they go through each step (rough draft, edited, published, etc.) will help you stay super organized! Let’s examine a few reasons why your business blog needs an editorial calendar…

To Brainstorm New Ideas

Start off by using your calendar to record your ideas for new posts (and approximately when you’d like to finish them). Using a schedule in this way will ensure you don’t forget what you’ve thought of, and you can even start to develop blog series that will be published in several parts. You don’t have to use every single idea you think of and add to your editorial calendar, but if you decide to not go with a subject make a little note about why you aren’t continuing a topic.

To Encourage Regular Posting

Making an editorial calendar will help you keep up your blog’s momentum. If you don’t add updates very often your readers may move on to more active blogs, so try to set a schedule and stick to it. You can plan out what posts you want to publish and when you want to do it, encouraging you to stay on track. Think a few months in advance with regard to your calendar. For example: if you have advice to offer about selling handmade items at holiday craft shows, add it to your schedule during the late summer / early fall and plan to publish it at the beginning of winter.

To Prevent Overlap

You can also use your editorial calendar to space out your blog posts so the topics aren’t overlapping. I used to start writing about subjects and then would discover that I’ve already done something similar when reviewing older ones. An editorial calendar will prevent these mix-ups because you can review what you’ve posted in the past. You can always expand on previous content with new posts, but be sure to check your calendar to prevent duplicates.

What other ways do you use an editorial calendar for your handmade business blog?