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Boost Your Productivity & Get More Done

With smartphones, tablets, TVs and social media, it’s so easy to get distracted. On days when you don’t feel like getting much done, it’s particularly hard to get down to business and produce quality blog content. While it’s important to take a day off every so often, you don’t want to turn it into a habit. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to boost productivity and accomplish daily goals without making yourself completely miserable.

Start with a few simple “life hacks” and you’ll be back to work in no time. On the Love Grows Design Blog, Bethany lays out some quick and simple tips that anyone can try. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy supplies or expensive materials to turn these ideas into a reality. In fact, one tip Bethany recommends is simply sitting up. When you’re lounging on the couch or slouching in a chair, you may not be quite so alert. Sit at a table or desk and home – you’ll find yourself sitting up whether you want to or not. Another tip she recommends for lethargic bloggers is adjusting the temperature. When the room is warm, you’re more likely to get tired. Simply turn down the heat or boost the air conditioning to help get your blood flowing.

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