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4 Handmade Business Card Ideas for Craft Sellers

Creating products that you think people will want to buy and setting up an online store never seemed like that daunting of tasks to me when I first decided on setting up my Etsy store. Surprisingly, the part that I struggled with most when getting started was the design of my business cards! It wasn’t even something I considered when first putting my shop idea into motion.  Who needs business cards for a store where you don’t physically ever talk to anyone? Boy was I a fool! Craft fairs, blogger events, shipping out products, and even meeting people in daily life – all these situations are perfect opportunities to pass out cards and leave a lasting reminder of your business! I printed my first set of business cards at MOO and I loved how they turned out, but after finding these adorable ideas for handmade cards I am going to start working on some for when my first batch runs out. Check out these cute handmade business card ideas, maybe they’ll inspire you too!

This idea is perfect for online sellers! These DIY scratch off cards are totally memorable and they give your customers a reason to come back to your shop again and again! They’re business cards with a bonus since they clearly advertise your shop, but also include and incentive to stop in and look around.

This post actually offers three different handmade business card ideas, but they all involve a personalized stamp set. Getting a personalized stamp made with your company information is also a handy idea because you can use it for things other than just business cards.

These simple but completely crafty cards can be made in just a few easy steps! All you need is some printable labels, some blank business cards, and a stamp. You can follow this example and add little personal touches with the paper clips or leave the cards as simple as they are.

How brilliant are these “tear and share” cards? Printing double sided business cards and then sewing down the middle is enough to make these little guys. You get double the cards and hopefully double the exposure for the price of one!


So there you have it, 4 inspiring ideas to get you started on making some business cards. You never know when you’ll need to promote your self. Oh and once you’ve made your business cards, don’t forget to make an adorable little business card holder to put them in!