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5 Ways to Overcome a Blogger’s Block

Every blogger has a creative block sooner or later. It comes without a warning. One day you are full of ideas, creating beautiful posts and the next…BAM! nothing, just a white blank with no ideas. At first you struggle with it but that almost never works because you can’t force creativity – you just can’t no matter how hard you try. But fear not my blogging friends, there are easy ways to end a blogger’s block.

1. Leave it alone. It sounds counter productive and exactly the opposite of what you should do, but trust me it works. Try to something relaxing like a bath, a walk, a massage or even wash the dishes or do the laundry. This allows your mind to relax and not think directly about what you want. In a way you are distracting your mind so it relax enough to find its mojo back.

2. Pinterest. Visual inspiration is always a great tool for visual persons like us. Visit your favorite boards and check out the latest ideas there. You never know what will catch your eyes and inspire you.

3. Cook something new. Cooking, baking and preparing food is creative. One creative path will take you to another path ans will open your mind.

4. Use old posts and recycle them. Create a round up or a How To post with old content.

5. Share others content. Collaborate with other bloggers in a blog hop or special sharing posts where you all share each other’s content.

I hope it helps, I know these steps always help me!

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