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5 Ways to Jumpstart a Stalled Creative Buisness

Every small business owner feels stuck sometimes. Sales aren’t what they should be, traffic could be better, and no amount of marketing seems to be helping. It happens to us ALL. Here are a few ways to help you get unstuck and jumpstart your  creative business.


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1. Develop Self Confidence

That does not mean to sit and wish for confidence or success, but rather do your homework.

Check out your products against competitors’ websites, brick and mortar shops or craft fair booths. See what they are offering, what it’s made of and how it’s packaged. Can you make changes to your goods in order to improve the perceived value?  Are your offerings unique or something you are seeing everywhere? Do you have a clear idea of who your customer is and what they want to buy?

Do the homework and tweak things as needed until you can sit back and feel confident in what you are offering.


2. Touch Base with Members of Your Network

It’s a sure bet that someone in your friend or business network has been where you are now. Go to them and ask how they got past their stalled periods. Not only will you find someone who will help you to feel less alone, but you might find a key to getting your business unstuck.

Also be sure to seek out people who have successful businesses. Find out how they got where they are now and see how you can apply those things to your own business.


3. Taking Action if You’re Feeling Overwhelmed.

Are you feeling that there is just so much to do that you spend your day stomping out fires without actually making any headway in your business? It might be time to seek outside help. Find a college student who will do some of your photography, hire out the accounting or hire a virtual assistant. Explore the possibility of starting a small business co-op with some of the people in your network.

Do you have a friend whose good at online marketing while you are good at photography? Trade some of the work load with someone who has more expertise.


3. Revisit Your Business Plan

It’s important to revisit your business plan every couple of months to make sure your goals and vision are still the same. You might read something in your business plan that will show you the next step that needs to be taken in order to jump start your business.


4. Always Trying to Learn Something New

Take a class, spend time with a mentor or do a bunch of reading about small business operations in order to expand your knowledge base and confidence.  There is a lot involved with running a small business, much of which you may not have current skills for. Taking a class or seeking help from someone who has been where you are will give you the skill set you need to bust through your roadblocks.


5. Give Yourself a Talk.

No matter how much time you spend reading, talking, listening and learning if you don’t kick YOURSELF in the pants you will stay stuck. Tell yourself that it’s time to get moving, to stick with it, and to keep a positive attitude.  Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.


Have you ever felt stuck in your business? How did you get past it?


By: Vicki O’Dell, The Creative Goddess

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