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5 Reasons to Add Teaching to Your Creative Business + eBook Giveaway!

As an artisan, you have expertise in your craft. Teaching is a great way to share your skills, stimulate interest in your work (and your craft), and earn more money for your business. In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 reasons you should strongly consider adding teaching to your creative business.

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Teaching isn’t seasonal

Many creative businesses are seasonal with a high volume of sales happening during a relatively short period during the year. It can be difficult to make these earnings last through the “dry spells.”

By adding teaching to your business, you can make cash flow more regular throughout the year because people are always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and get project inspiration.

Teaching often pays better than other crafty ventures

While there are many possible compensation models for crafts teachers, you can generally earn more per hour (and with less effort) than you can by selling your finished crafts. This allows you to teach just few hours per week (or month) and add a steady source of income to your business.

Teaching builds credibility and reputation

People often assume that those who teach have more talent and skill than others in the field. Students also love to talk about their favorite teachers and share their work with friends and family. In addition, as a teacher you can piggyback on the reputation of the venue where you teach, such as a museum, local charity, or college continuing education program.

Teaching gives your body a break

Many creative business owners spend hours repeating the same motions or hunched in awkward positions bringing their creations to life. While teaching crafts usually includes demonstrations, as a teacher you’ll also spend time walking around a classroom, looking at student work, and doing other activities that are less repetitive. It may give your body a much needed rest after a week of working on projects.

Teaching lets you travel and attend events at a lower cost

Use teaching to subsidize your next trip. Once you establish yourself as a teacher, pitch workshop ideas to venues in city you plan to visit, or submit teaching proposals to events you want to attend.

These are just 5 reasons to consider adding teaching to your business. You can find more reasons, as well as everything you need to know about getting started as a teacher, in my new book, Make Money Teaching Crochet: Launch Your Business, Increase Your Side Income, Reach More Students. Although it’s focused on crochet, most of the information is relevant to any crafts teacher.

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