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18 Items You Should Bring with You to a Craft Show

From making and pricing your products to finding a unique way to display them, there’s a lot of work that goes into participating in a craft show. The tricky part isn’t necessarily setting everything up, it’s remembering to bring the everything you need. Do you have change for cash transactions? Do you have samples and business cards and a camera to document your successful day? Below you’ll find a useful list of eighteen important items that you can’t forget.

18 Items You Should Bring (2)

  1. Your products and display. This is an obvious one, but there are tons of stories out there of crafters forgetting part of their display or a few of their products. My stomach drops at just the thought of it. Make a list of every display item and product that you plan to bring with you and check off each item as you put it in your car, one-by-one.
  2. Samples of Your Product to Wear. If you make jewelry, scarves, or anything wearable don’t forget to wear one of your products. It shows how much you care about the product.
  3. Water and food. Craft shows are typically all day and when things get busy it can be difficult to take a break to grab some water or food. Bring water and snacks with you – it’s important to keep your energy up throughout the day.
  4. Change for cash. You can kiss that sale goodbye if you don’t have change with you. Make sure you have enough to start and keep track of it so if you start running low you can run out and grab more.
  5. Your credit card machine. If you plan on bringing a credit card machine, don’t forget to bring it with. If you don’t have one, you should look into getting one because most people aren’t carrying cash with them.
  6. A mirror. Customers will want to see what a piece of jewelry or a hat looks like on, so make sure you have a big enough mirror for them to use.
  7. Your camera. Take pictures of your booth as well as others at the show. Use the photos as inspiration for your booth in the future.
  8. Appropriate dress for indoor and outdoor shows. If you’re outside, you might want a little fan and some sunglasses. If you’re inside and it might be chilly, make sure to bring a shawl or sweater.
  9. A friend. While you shouldn’t sit there and chat with them the entire time, you will most likely at some point need to go to the bathroom. Plus, they’ll be able to lend a hand if things get busy.
  10. Business cards. Bring more than you think you’ll use. Pass them out to people who visit the booth and fellow crafters.
  11. Extra signs. You’ve spent all this time on a booth to accidentally rip a sign and have to put one up written in marker. Bring extra pretty ones.
  12. Extra price tags. In case one falls off when you’re putting the booth together.
  13. Bags for your customers. Give something for your customers to carry their purchases. Add a sticker or something that shows it’s from your store, that way everyone else will see it as they carry it around.
  14. A chair. Unless you plan on standing the whole time.
  15. Emergency display kit. Create a kit with bungee cords, zip ties, scissors, twine, tape, clothespins, or anything that you use to make your display. If something breaks, you’ll easily be able to fix it.
  16. An activity for yourself if it begins to slow down. While you want to interact with patrons, if things get slow it’s good to have something to do. Plus, people will love being able to see your handmade products being created right before their eyes.
  17. Mailing list sheet. A mailing list is a great marketing tool, make sure you have some way to take down names and numbers to let them know about new products and other shows you’ll be selling at.
  18. Receipt or sales book. Some people will want receipts, so make sure you have a way to give them one. Plus, it’ll be a nice way to keep track of your sales.


What do you bring to every craft fair?