Why You Should Create Etsy Treasuries

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Treasuries are one of the most unique aspects of Etsy’s online marketplace.  These user-curated groups of items can help increase exposure for your shop and might even make it to the front page!  Let’s look at the importance of creating treasuries and how your shop can benefit from them.


For Front Page Exposure

Did you know that the prominent items on Etsy’s FP (Front Page) come from a treasury?  If your creation is picked for the FP by Etsy Admins, in the upper right corner it will say “Picked by [your shop name].”  Clicking this will take viewers directly to the treasury, and therefore open paths to your shop through the “Curator” link.  More visually-attractive and cohesive galleries tend to make it to the FP.  Think seasonally, by a unique theme, or by color to attract attention and get more comments and favorites.


To Spread the Love

As they say, “it’s better to give than receive,” and the same is true on Etsy.  By sharing other seller’s items in a treasury, you are increasing their exposure and in turn your own.  I always check out shops that include me, and many others do the same.  You are even allowed to “convo” sellers that are included in your treasury, just be careful to vary your messages so the system doesn’t think you are spamming.


For a Gift Registry

At the moment Etsy only has a Wedding Registry feature, so if you want to create a Baby, Birthday, or Anniversary present registry a treasury is the way to go.  Select the items that you would like to receive and simply put them together, then send a link to your family and friends!  Viewers can even see which items have already been purchased (they will be marked “sold” instead of showing the price).


Because They’re Fun!

Aside from the promotional benefits of making treasuries, they also help you become a part of the Etsy community.   It’s like a virtual treasure hunt!  You can even get inspiration and ideas for your own products from putting items together by color, theme, holidays, etc.


As you can see, curating Etsy treasuries can provide both enjoyment and traffic for your shop.  Why do you love making treasuries?

By Rebecca George (Purple and Lime)

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  1. says

    Ok, I’m really new to Etsy and I’ll search back on your previous posts here as I might find my answer to this question. What IS a treasury in the world of Etsy? Blessings~Nancy

  2. Brenda Nixon says

    I am also new to Etsy and would like to open up a shop. Please explain what a treasury is.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Elizabeth Miller says

    Hmmm….Here is my problem. I have been making treasuries and I enjoyed putting them together. The more I got into it, I realized you need to promote. Have you looked at the treasuries comments on the first page, second and third? They all say the same thing ~”Great”, “Nice”, “Lovely”. Two, three, four times even by the same commentor. It isn’t what it used to be. If you can sit at your computer, have bots and other people promoting the same treasury~then it’s worth doing. If not~ Really, why bother?

    • maggie says

      It’s true that treasuries won’t get tons of views on their own, but if you promote them, use appropriate tags, and let the shops featured know that you included them, it can be really beneficial. Not every treasury is a hit, but every treasury is another opportunity to be part of the Etsy community and expose your brand.

  4. g merlin says

    You need to go into some depth as to Why promote a treasury, and Where. There are alot of Etsy shop owners that dont blog, do Facebook or Tweet. If you are working your shop and still have a “life”, you dont have time to do all that other stuff.
    Sorry, I think your article is lacking vital information.

  5. Judie says

    i mostly look at etsy on my iphone and i always look at treasuries instead of searching. it shows me things i might not have looked at otherwise…

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