The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

We all know how crazy busy craft fairs can be. One minute you’ve got your booth all laid out perfectly and you’re waiting for customers to come by, and the next you’re trying to help five customers at once and answer a dozen different questions about your products. It can be very stressful! That’s why […]

8 Real Craft Fair Booth Ideas You Can Borrow


To me, inspiration is everywhere. I look for ideas in everything I see and every place I go. But, I can’t be everywhere at once. There is an abundance of information and things to learn and I simply don’t have the time or energy to spend hours searching for a new idea. That’s why hashtags […]

The Art of Self Promotion

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Promoting yourself can be kind of tricky. Especially if you grew up in a family that taught you that you shouldn’t brag about yourself. But promoting yourself or your creative business isn’t the same as bragging. It is simply marketing. And all businesses market themselves in one way or another don’t they? But how do […]

Make an Impression: Why You Need Promotional Items At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to connect with other business owners as well as company representatives and influencers in your industry. This is the time to meet new people, connect and make plans for the future. Who knows – you could find a new opportunity that you never dreamed possible while on the floor […]

5 Tips for Using Pinterest To Promote Your Craft Business


You’ve probably heard of Pinterest by now, if not been actively collecting items to your own pin boards, but did you realize that for bloggers and online sellers Pinterest is a very valuable tool. As many bloggers and websites have seen, Pinterest is a huge source of traffic back to your site if used correctly. […]

Press Release Basics


Do you want to get more publicity for your business? Press Releases can help! Press Releases can help you get featured in your local paper, as well as in the national news! And don’t forget “modern” media – they can also help you connect with bloggers and podcasters. You can write a Press Release to […]

Tips for Reversing a Slump in Your Creative Business


In some businesses slumps are expected. Take a landscaping business for example. Landscapers expect a slump in work during the winter months so they plan ahead and also offer snow removal to keep their business viable during the winter months. Sometimes a slump occurs without a warning or a reason. One thing creative business owners […]

The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion Giveaway!

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UPDATED: Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway! We have finally selected the winner and want to congratulate Laura who told us her marketing advice in the comments below. She said “never doubt my abilities or my instincts.” and we think that’s great advice! Congratulations Laura and thank you everyone once again!   Are […]

Shameless: Ten Fabulous Free Ways to Market Brand You!

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One of the biggest challenges for creatives is getting your message to break through the buzz.  The internet is literally packed with DIY and craft blogs and sites.  Just spend an afternoon surfing the net and you can become overwhelmed fairly quickly.  Where do you find your niche in this tsunami of creativity?  What makes […]