Pro-tip: Use an Outline or Script for Your Craft Videos


You’ve got your studio ready for taping a video. What’s next? Time to figure out exactly what you want to record! Starting with an outline helps. Here’s an example of a video I created for FaveCrafts 365, a vlog posted on FaveCraftsBlog. FaveCrafts 365: Outline Title of Video: From Lipstick to Glue Stick! Purpose/Subject: When, […]

Promote Your Business: Use Videos with Animoto

Animoto Templates

In order to promote your business whether you are selling online, blogging, or even working at craft fairs, it is important to promote yourself and your products everywhere you can. One simple and inexpensive way is with Animoto. Animoto helps you take still photos and turn them into a quick video that can be uploaded […]

Taping a Segment for a Craft TV Show

How does a person prepare to tape a segment for a craft TV show? Maria gives you a behind-the-scenes look. A while back, I  taped several TV segments for that aired on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden on PBS. The photo (right) shows me on the set with Sheryl Borden. It’s always a thrill to do […]

Entering the World of V-logging


I’m not sure why I decided I wanted to use video in my blogs. It’s not a new concept. Not new at all! I heard about v-logs through social media around the same time I heard about blogging. I learned more about vlogs by participating on YouTube, too. It’s not hard to create vlogs. Basically, you make […]

A Handy Guide to Making Craft Videos


I’ve created what I think is a comprehensive checklist of what you’ll need to make a craft video. This is mainly a list of equipment you’ll need for production and editing. I’m making my suggestions for  equipment with the amateur video maker in mind. Someday you might just need to hire a professional crew to […]