Using Social Media for Business: How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Welcome to the fourth in a series of posts about getting started on different social media platforms! Today we are focusing on Pinterest, an image sharing/content curation platform with social features. Pinterest: The Backstory Pinterest launched in 2010 and now has over 44 million users. Although initially using Pinterest for marketing was discouraged, features for business users have since expanded. […]

Pinterest Personalization and What it Means for You


Pinterest Personalization If you have been on Pinterest lately you may have noticed that your Pinterest feed looks different than it did in the past. That is because Pinterest added a new “personalization” setting to your account. Which means you will see images from pinners that you haven’t even followed. Here’s how it works: When […]

Breathe New Life Into Old Blog Posts With Pinnable Images

As craft and food bloggers know, Pinterest is an important resource for driving traffic to blogs. However, if you’ve blogged for more than two years, chances are that your old blog posts are riddled with horizontal photos. As all Pinterest users know, the pins that are shared the most often have similar qualities: Good or […]

Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest can be an amazing resource (and a fantastic time-suck). You can find brand new blog followers and potential customers when you post blog content on Pinterest. You never know who will repin your image, share it with a friend, or simply like it. That one connection could lead to a lifetime of sales and […]

Master Pinterest & Get Your Blog Noticed

Pinterest – you either love it or you hate it. For many (myself included), it’s a black hole of beautiful images, life hacks and aspirational ideas. For others, it’s a frustrating, non-nonsensical waste of time. There isn’t a wrong or right way to look at Pinterest, but like it or not, it’s not going away. […]

Embrace Social Media: Craft Business Resolutions for 2014

Social media has changed the way we meet people, share ideas, and do business. If you’re not using social media to your fullest potential, now is the time to start. Social media can be a little intimidating. There are a lot of networks out there and more keep popping up every day. Don’t overwhelm yourself […]

Using Pinterest to Create Customer Profiles

How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses

Today we are going to take two posts that I’ve written here—Creating Audience Profiles and How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses—and mash them together for a really fun project. Ready? In the first post I gave you all sorts of insight about creating audience profiles using analytics from Facebook and Google. Today I want […]