The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

We all know how crazy busy craft fairs can be. One minute you’ve got your booth all laid out perfectly and you’re waiting for customers to come by, and the next you’re trying to help five customers at once and answer a dozen different questions about your products. It can be very stressful! That’s why […]

5 Ways to Effectively Network at a Craft Show

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Craft fairs are a great chance to get your brand and products in front of a wide audience. You’ll meet not only customers, but also bloggers, store owners, photographers, and other people in the craft world. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your networking opportunities at shows! 1. Hand […]

Best Business Card Designs: Renegade Craft Fair 2015


When we attended the Winter Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, we had the chance to browse super creative handmade goods for the latest trends as well as some really awesome craft booth designs. Afterwords, we couldn’t help, but go through each and every business card we collected to admire the unique brand marketing. We thought […]

Networking Business Strategies – Part 2

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With the explosive growth of social networks in the last few years, it’s now easier than ever to connect with people online who can help your grow your business. If you’ve already put your face-to-face networking strategies into use, then you may want to hone your online networking skills, too. Creative business owners may network to stay current on changes […]

Networking Business Strategies – Part 1 Glover

Are you one of the many creative business owners who hear the word networking and feel uncomfortable? Business networking can be easy, even for introverts like me, and it can help you to grow your business faster than you can on your own. In this series, I’ll be sharing tips for using networking to expand […]

What Does Your Business Card Design Say About You?


We’ve seen a good number of business card examples in our lifetime to make us think we’ve seen everything. However, when you step back and look at your own card, what does your business card design ultimately say about you? This is an important question to consider since your business card design is your own […]

Pitching Your Ideas for Classes to Festivals and Events

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Whether teaching is already an important part of your creative business, or you’d like to add it to your repertoire, you may be considering pitching your workshop ideas to creative festivals and events. These 5 tips will help you get started! 1) Decide what’s most important There are many different reasons you might want to teach at an event […]

5 Ways To Use Creative Conferences To Grow Your Business

Creative conferences and conventions can be a great step towards building your personal brand and building credibility. You may meet people who become life-long friends and business partners, and you will definitely get the chance to spread the word about your business to a much larger audience. Here are 5 specific ways in which you […]

Handmade Business Tips: 5 Reasons to Engage With Your Local Community

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  Shopping local is all the rage these days, but did you know it can benefit your handmade business as well? Promoting your connection with handmade businesses in your city and state can attract more media attention and lead to more a satisfied customer base. Here are the top five reasons to focus on location […]

Get Excited: Win a Free Ticket to SNAP!

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Creative Income would like to congratulate the winner of the SNAP! Conference ticket giveaway: Erika Senneff! We can’t wait to see you in Salt Lake City! As creative professionals, it’s not only important to keep creating, it’s important to network. Learning how to network can be tricky, but thankfully the internet is overflowing with helpful […]