10 Ways to Increase Productivity – Part 2

10 Ways to Increase Productivity - Part 2

If the cold winter months are making you want to do nothing more than hide under a blanket all day, we completely understand. How can you motivate yourself to be productive when it’s so cold and dreary outside? Well, here at CreativeIncome, we are dedicated to banishing those winter blues and helping you get back […]

10 Ways to Increase Productivity – Part 1

10 Ways to Increase Productivity - Part 1

Running your own successful crafting business is not an easy task. It takes great skill, discipline, and dedication to manage your own business. But we don’t need to tell you that – you already know how many hours of sweat, blood, and tears that you’ve poured into your dream. We’re here to say that we […]

3 Ways to Release Your Creative Genius


We often think that huge creative successes are made up of luck. Maybe it’s easier to explain success that way—as a chance happening or good fortune. Some of us even tend to think that people are creative geniuses because of good genes, financially supportive families, or some other random benefit bestowed upon them. But it […]

Thinking Ahead: Ways to Improve Your Business

In general, it seems that creative businesses, are doing well. Almost every day, artists and project creators share announcements of commissioned work and new jobs with new clients  on social media. It looks good (and I know from personal experience that it feels good) to be busy. It’s tempting to not look beyond the work […]

How to Begin Freelance or Consulting Work


My last article talked a little about the differences between freelance and consulting work. You can read about the differences here. But how might you BEGIN a career in freelance or consulting? Let’s cover some basic steps. The most important step is to begin getting freelance or consulting work while you are already working. Maybe […]

Do More of What You Are Good At


If you are a creative person and you are running a creative business the chances that you are doing what you are good at are, well… pretty good. BUT what if you could do MORE with what you are good at and have more than one stream of income? For example, I’m creative AND I […]

Define Your Business

A cute way for wrapping small sales before shipping. And a great way to use up scrap fabrics.

Defining your business is the first, very basic step to setting up your business model or business plan. It can seem very overwhelming if you’ve never done it before so let’s start with simply gathering our thoughts and defining our business. Photo Source When someone asks, “What’s your business model?” they really want you to […]

5 Etsy New Year’s Resolutions

Etsy about page example

While you’re making personal resolutions for 2013, how about implementing a few for your Etsy shop?  From photos to tags, the simplest changes can be the most effective.  The following Etsy tips will help you tweak your shop for maximum exposure in the New Year!   1. Check Your Tags Reviewing your tags is especially […]