How to Get Started: Facebook Business Page Part 2

Social Media

In the last installment, we covered how to set up a Facebook Page for your business. Once your Facebook business page is set up, your success will depend on what you post to the page itself. In this installment in the series, not only will we cover basic Facebook business advice, but also what to […]

Guest Post: How to Get Started: Facebook Business Page Part 1

Social Media

Facebook has created business Pages as a way for businesses to have a presence on Facebook that is different from a personal profile with a friends list. The terms of service on Facebook state that personal profiles are not permitted for commercial use, so if you are running a business, it is important that you […]

Should You Be Using Item Numbers When Labeling Handmade Products?


A few months ago, I did a wholesale show with a group of wonderful ladies. One benefit to exhibiting in this group was that we could take orders for each other if someone stepped away. While we looked at each other’s items to get a feel for the different product lines, one of my booth […]

How to Source the Best Keywords for Your Etsy Shop

etsy keywords

The key to Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) success on Etsy is picking the most effective keywords for your shop and items. This helps your products come up faster for customers who are looking online via Google, Etsy, and other search engines.  Here are three simple ways to generate keywords and phrases to use in […]

A New Way to Connect with Customers and Fellow Crafters: A Virtual Craft Fair


With only seven weeks until Christmas, it’s time to ramp up your exposure so that you can sell more handmade items for the holidays. A lot of my clients and readers have said they aren’t doing craft fairs anymore because of the hefty booth fees or concerns that many of the organizers are allowing vendors […]

Writing a Press Release

Writing a Press Release

Image Source: Flickr Have you recently published a book? Been accepted into a prestigious program or school? Are you about to release a new product or service? Press releases are written statements to the media to announce a wide range of items. Many people send a press release to the media in hopes that a […]

Using Pinterest to Create Customer Profiles

How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses

Today we are going to take two posts that I’ve written here—Creating Audience Profiles and How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses—and mash them together for a really fun project. Ready? In the first post I gave you all sorts of insight about creating audience profiles using analytics from Facebook and Google. Today I want […]