Anatomy of a Creative Business Blog Post


There is a lot of information out on the world wide web for business, fitness, fashion, mommy or other bloggers but things work a little different if you are a creative business owner. Creative business bloggers have their own needs, as do their readers, so a regular run of the mill “How to write a […]

Editor’s Tips to Getting Published

hand browsing through stack of magazines

You work hard creating beautiful craft tutorials and keeping your blog posts up to date. As much as you love your loyal blog followers, wouldn’t it be nice to get recognition for your work and your awesome craft ideas by being published in a craft publication? Either online or in print? One editor that works […]

How to Make Money Blogging


To blog or not to blog. That is always the big question isn’t it? The most important part of the answer is whether it would be worth it for you. Blogging can be great for your crafty business, but it’s also a lot of work. Only you can decide for yourself if it would be […]

Blogging: It’s Not as Easy as it Looks


Blogging, blogging, blogging – it seems to be the only thing (besides social media) that you hear anyone talking about when it comes to expanding and promoting your crafty business. But has anyone ever really explained why? Having a blog can be a great promotional tool for your online store or crafty business, but it […]

Why It’s Important to Analyze


Do you have a blog? Have you set up Google Analytics on your blog? No? Stop what you’re doing and set it up right now! If you’ve started a blog or a website for your crafty business, the next step is to put in some analytics. I personally use and love Google analytics on my […]

How to Formulate an Effective Blog Post


Well here is my recipe for a fantastic blog post! I’m not sure who coined the term ‘Evergreen Blog Post’, but it’s a great way to describe a post that continually draws traffic to your site. These are the die-hard blog posts that stay in the top search engine results for specific keywords over long […]