Twitter Tools to Help You Stay on Top


Let’s face it, managing social media for your craft business while at the same time creating product and running a business is a whole other job all in itself. Luckily the internet knows this and has come up with a ton of tools that you can use manage your Twitter followers, conversations, and even direct […]

Promote Your Business: Use Videos with Animoto

Animoto Templates

In order to promote your business whether you are selling online, blogging, or even working at craft fairs, it is important to promote yourself and your products everywhere you can. One simple and inexpensive way is with Animoto. Animoto helps you take still photos and turn them into a quick video that can be uploaded […]

15 Articles on Social Media for Beginners


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Flickr, Digg, the list goes on and on. There are more social media networks than you can shake a stick at and this can sometimes be extremely overwhelming when you are trying to run a small craft business and everyone is telling you that you also need to be […]

How to Photograph Craft Projects: Photography Guide for Selling Your Arts and Crafts Online

More and more artists and crafters are using the web to sell their items. There are online auction sites, online craft fairs, and opportunities to create online shops. A key element of selling on such sites is to have crisp, clean photographs of your work. No photo is better than a bad photo, the consumer is used […]

Quick Photo Tips: Do What You Can With What You’ve Got

Quick Photography Tips

You don’t need a professional photography studio to get decent product pics. You just need a little ingenuity! North-facing windows have the best light for taking pictures and morning light is ideal. Set yourself up a little photo stage: I happen to have a goodly amount of white primed, stretched canvasses laying around the house […]

Satisfied Customers Spread the Word About Your Products

Running your Etsy shop by yourself but wishing that you had some salespeople to sell your products for you? If so, listen up! You can turn your customers into sales people (and you won’t even have to pay them a salary)! You probably already know that word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most effective exposure you’ll receive for your […]