“Grow Your Handmade Business” Book Review + Giveaway


Let me just start by saying, Kari Chapin is really cool. And. Smart. And funny. If you’re the owner of a creative business, you’d be silly not to get yourself a copy of her book, “Grow Your Own Handmade Business.” This is an essential guide filled with advice, anecdotes, and insightful ideas that you can […]

7 Books to Improve Your Writing


Blog posts, product descriptions, grants, magazine or trade publication articles or queries to publishers. As a creative business owner you probably find yourself doing a fair bit of writing. Let that sink in for a minute.   You started making jewelry or scarves or whatever and then turned it into a small business. Never in […]

Pinterest Power Giveaway!


Did you read our review of Pinterest Power on the blog last week? If you thought it sounded interesting and we going to pick up a copy, wait! Why? Because you can win one right here!   All you have to do to be entered is 1. “Like” Creative Income on Facebook 2. Leave a […]

Win a Copy of Mom, Inc.!


Remember yesterday’s review of Mom, Inc.? Well it was a teaser for today’s giveaway! It’s our very first giveaway on CreativeIncomeBlog and we’re very excited that it’s with this wonderful book! If you’re a crafty mom that wants to start/has started/dreams of owning her own business, this is the book you need to read first. […]

Running a Business from Home? Pick up Mom, INC.


Are you a mom? Are you a crafty business owner? Are you trying to figure out how to juggle the two without loosing your mind completely? Then I recommend picking up a copy of Mom, Inc.  It’s the go-to for moms looking to be entrepreneurs. Written by business savvy Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat Seto, this book […]