Understanding Google Analytics: The Audience Report

Welcome to the third post in my 5-part series about utilizing, understanding and analyzing the basics of Google Analytics. If you missed the first two post in this series, you can catch up now : Google Analytics: The Basics Google Analytics: Understanding Standard Reports When we (meaning myself and my niece and blogging partner, Tiffany) […]

Understanding Google Analytics: The Standards Report

This is the second post in my five-part series about utilizing, understanding and analyzing the basics of Google Analytics. If you missed the first post in this series, check out Google Analytics: The Basics. Why is it important that a blogger understand Google Analytics? Well, it’s not important if you are blogging for your own […]

Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest can be an amazing resource (and a fantastic time-suck). You can find brand new blog followers and potential customers when you post blog content on Pinterest. You never know who will repin your image, share it with a friend, or simply like it. That one connection could lead to a lifetime of sales and […]

Choosing Affiliate Programs To Work With


A couple of months ago, Google announced that it would be shutting it’s affiliate ad network down by July 31. If you have been partnering with them, and promoting affiliates links, don’t worry! There are many more affiliate networks to choose from! When I say that there are many affiliate networks to choose from, I’m […]

SEO Basics: Why Keywords Are Important


SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it is the process of making your blog or website more search engine friendly. There are a variety of things that you can do to your site to help the search engines find it. This helps your site get a better ranking in search results. For example, if […]

3 Articles on Better Blogging for Crafters


Being in the blogging community can be wonderful for the growth and rhythm of your personal blog. Learning from what more established bloggers are doing is the perfect way to gain experience and inspiration to make your own blog successful. Watching the posts that get the biggest response from readers on your favorite blogs is the perfect […]

How to Increase Business by Driving Traffic to your Blog


I have found that consistently blogging for my business not only increases traffic to my blog, but in turn increases traffic to my online shop as well. There is definitely a direct correlation between my blogging activity and the number of sales I make. The more I blog, the more traffic and sales I get. […]