Shameless: Ten Fabulous Free Ways to Market Brand You!

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One of the biggest challenges for creatives is getting your message to break through the buzz.  The internet is literally packed with DIY and craft blogs and sites.  Just spend an afternoon surfing the net and you can become overwhelmed fairly quickly.  Where do you find your niche in this tsunami of creativity?  What makes […]

Promote Your Business: Use Videos with Animoto

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In order to promote your business whether you are selling online, blogging, or even working at craft fairs, it is important to promote yourself and your products everywhere you can. One simple and inexpensive way is with Animoto. Animoto helps you take still photos and turn them into a quick video that can be uploaded […]

Key Elements of Advertising your Craft Business

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Promoting your online store and your craft product line is just as important as making the craft projects you sell. There are a few key elements to promotion, marketing, and merchandising any product that can help you. Adapt the principles of advertising to your crafts to see sales increase. My original business card that I […]