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If something’s not selling, do you assume it’s not popular? Or is it possible that no one knew what it was! Check out these signage suggestions.
Stop SignYou can’t be with your product 24/7, but a good sign can be there for you helping out as a sales tool to help people read between the lines. Okay, that’s not the best pun, but signage is very important no matter where or what you are selling. There are some keys to creating a good sign:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. No more than 3 lines of text.
  3. Make sure your customers can read it at a glance.

A sign that reminds the customer that a gift-giving holiday or event is coming up helps sell more products and is also a service to the customer. A sign that says, “Mother’s Day” or “31 Days until Christmas” might remind someone that they do need to pick up something for mom or that a favorite teacher is still on the gift buying list. We talked about our photos needing to tell the story, a sign can do that too. Put a sign reading “Eye Glass Holders” in a bowl of fabric glass cases; put a sign saying “Tooth Fairy Pillows” in a basket of this fun novelty item.

Signs help you not have to repeat a sales pitch a million times during a show. They also help inform customers too shy to ask a question or hesitant to interrupt when you’re helping another customer. Use bright colors like red (we’re conditioned to STOP and read a red sign) and use colors that accent that a message is being stated like yellow and orange (yield, slow down). Signs don’t need to be square or rectangular. Have some fun and choose other shapes. If you are selling children’s goods, why not use animal shapes? If you are selling products with a floral theme, your signs would look cute in flower shapes. Just like when making your products, use your creativity in signage too!

By: Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert

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  1. Betty Radcliffe says

    I think what I will do is make a large green Christmas tree sign. Put lights on it so that people know that my things are for Christmas for all different people. Putting some of my hand made ornaments on the tree will also help to show off the handmade angle. I will be at the largest craft sell at our Dome where people come from all over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and from Wisconsin too! So hopefully the 3 day fair will be lots of fun and make lots of money!!! I can hardly wait. I’ve chosen my patterns and have started making things. I don’t make the standard type of dishcloths or potholders or pillows or afghans. Mine are all different and very colorful just like me!!!This will be my 1st experience in selling my crochet work after crocheting for over 40 years. You have so many great ideas here and I’m forever great full to everyone for their ideas and suggestions. Thank you, Betty Radcliffe, Marquette, Michigan on Lake Superior.

  2. Jeanne says

    Love your ideas and would like to see one more button among the share and enjoy category: PRINT. I love to take some of the great information you provide in a binder to a show………….


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