How to Use PicMonkey: Touching Up Photos

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This is the 3rd post in a five-part series about the basics of working in PicMonkey. If you missed the first two in the series, you can catch up now:

Now that you’ve had a chance to review PicMonkey basics and had a opportunity to edit a photo with some of the basic editing tools, the real fun can begin!

The Touch-Up toolbar in PicMonkey has a plethora of options to help make selfies look so much better!

Here’s the list of magical features available under Touch-up:

  • Blemish Fix
  • Airbrush
  • Wrinkle Remover
  • Shine Reducer
  • Blush Boost
  • Spray Tan
  • Teeth Whitener
  • Lip Tint
  • Eye Brightener
  • Eye Tint
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eye Shadow
  • Red-eye Remover
  • Nip Tuck
  • Weight Loss
  • Whisker Grow
  • Highlights
  • Clone

Now, there is no way that we can cover every single one of these editing tools and keep your attention! So, we are only focusing on a few. So, let’s get started. The first thing you do is upload the photo you’ve chosen to touch-up:

The photo on the left is me attempting to take a picture of my face in my bathroom mirror! Silly, I know, but I now have this photo of my face painting! Anyway, back to the photo on the left – this is the totally untouched photo. But, before starting the touch-ups, I’m applying some of the basic editing tools first.

In the middle photo, I’ve lightened the photo by clicking on Exposure, then Auto Adjust. I always try the Auto Adjust feature first, because I figure that the monkey knows more about photo editing than I do!

If I feel the exposure needs additional tweaking after I’ve applied the “Auto Adjust”, then I’ll play with the other features:

  • Brightness
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Contrast

In the photo on the right in the above collage, I’ve corrected the temperature of the photo (after all, it was taken indoors in my bathroom!) by clicking on Colors, then Auto Adjust. Many times, I’m not happy with the Auto Adjust feature on Colors and will just play with the Saturation and Temperature myself. In this instance, I thought the temperature and color the Auto Adjust feature applied was more “real” than my bathroom lighting!

In the first photo above, I’ve applied the Wrinkle Remover to my forehead. Look closely at my forehead compared to the rest of my face. You’ll notice a definite “softening” of my skin and the wrinkles have faded. In photo number two, I’ve applied the “Wrinkle Remover” under my eye and in photo number three, I’ve applied it to my smile lines around my mouth, as well as the ones leading down my neck.

You know, I’m the only brown-eyed person in my family! All of my family have either gorgeous bright blue eyes or hazel eyes! Don’t know how that happened (actually, I do – my grandfather had brown eyes), but I’ve always wanted green eyes! Now I do…by choosing the green eye under Eye Tint and adjusting the Brush Size, I magically get my wish in photo number one!

In photo number two, I’ve brightened the whites of my eyes by choosing “Eye Brighten” and again, adjusting the “Brush Size”. In photo number three, I’ve added some additional Eye Liner under my eye. If you look closely at photo number one, you will notice that some of my eye liner has faded away. So, I added some back!

My eyebrows are a little sparse at the bottom edge of my brow. So, in photo number one above, I’ve applied additional Eyebrow Pencil. I could definitely lose some weight, so in photo number two, I applied the “Weight Loss” tool – all the way over to the right on the weight loss bar, to the maximum amount! In photo number three, I applied the Nip Tuck tool to give my neck more definition.

Lost track of what we’ve done? Here’s the Before and After. Quite a difference, right? Now how much fun was that – I got rid of my wrinkles, acquired green eyes and lost a little weight with no effort! I’m a happy girl…

Stayed tuned for the rest of the series:

  • Design Your Own
  • Create a Collage

By: Carole, from Toot Sweet 4 Two

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