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As we all know, Etsy is the biggest online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage right now. I’m sure most of you at least own an Etsy shop, I mean even I have an Etsy shop! That’s why a lot of the tips and articles you’ll find on here, and many other handmade business blogs, will revolve around helping your Etsy store get more traffic. However, a lot of these tips can be expanded to help you brig in more customers to any online marketplace, blog, or consumer site so don’t turn away if you don’t have an Etsy store!

I found this fun article on Handmadeology that gave some really great and simple tips for a few easy steps you can take to make customers more likely to stick around your online store.

Online Selling Tips

Tips for Enticing Buyers:

1.) Keep it simple!

2.) Think like a customer.

3.) Take lots and lots of photos.

4.) Don’t try selling too many different kinds of things in one shop.

5.) Share your expertise!

Check out the full article for a full list of the tips and how they can work for you!

I know all these hints seem pretty simple, but trust me, sticking to them will really pay off for you in the end. It can be easy to forget sometimes when you work in your own little crafty bubble that your tastes don’t always match up with the tastes of the general public. This is why sometimes keeping your shop design, banner, etc. simple can work in your favor!

Also, let the photos work in your favor. Make sure you use all the photo space you’re allowed and that each one shows a different angle or portion of your merchandise. For example, in my shop I sell vintage clothes and I always try to get a photograph of the front, side, back, and a couple details of the item. The more exposure you give your items, the better.

What tips and tricks have worked for you in the past?

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  1. deborah says

    I know this may sound silly, but what is an “Esty Shop”. I have never really found out what it is. I sell childrens/teens used clothing online. But not anything I have made craft wise.

  2. says

    I have read the same advice over and over again about 20 times if not more and my sales are very low. I see vintage collectibles so of course I’m going to have a wide variety of items that are useful as well as displaying. Maybe not too people like what have to offer, but yet I see others doing the same and selling a lot more then me. Check out my shop at VintageOfOdds and let me know what you think, thanks,

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