Key Elements of Advertising your Craft Business

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Key Elements of Advertising your Craft BusinessPromoting your online store and your craft product line is just as important as making the craft projects you sell. There are a few key elements to promotion, marketing, and merchandising any product that can help you. Adapt the principles of advertising to your crafts to see sales increase.

My original business card that I used for 7 years before we even had the Internet available for our home computers was mostly an image with my company name, address and contact information (see my card, right). Yet, the logo (the doll) reminded my customers of my wares and I got repeat business from all over the United States.  I think this form of advertising which was handed to my target market had a clear message that I sold whimsical folk wood dolls.

Have a clear message.

Your message should have a single focus to make it easy to understand and remember. For example: One of a Kind Decorative Boxes signed by artist are available at Developing simple short selling messages will help you adapt these messages for anything from Twitter to Facebook to forum posts.

Have an eye-catching image.

People love looking at photos. Take and use your very best photos of your products. You want the customer to feel like they could reach out and pick that product up.

Create a logo or business name that will remind people of what you sell.

The name of my business is Nerius House. I’m not sure many would have a clue as to what my business is about with such an interesting, yet generic name, so I also have a company motto: The Goal of Craft is Joy, which at least brings to mind that I may do something crafty. When I first started my career, I was primarily a Professional Crafter selling handmade wood dolls. My business card has a logo of my most popular dolls and that logo did bring in an incredible amount of additional sales for me.

Make sure your message and image are reaching your target market.

You can plaster the web with promotions, but if you aren’t reaching the people who have an interest in your product, you are wasting your time. For example, if you’ve set your Twitter account up for your passion for gardening (those you follow and those following you are into gardening), then tweeting about your wonderful tutus and ballerina slippers aren’t going to be of interest to most of your followers. You need to have a twitter account with a focus on dance, children, and moms.

By: Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert

What marketing tools have you found to be the most successful? Do you promote on other sites or offer special discounts? Check out How to Run Successful Online Promotions and Delivering on your Sales: The Ins and Outs of Shipping your Handmade Crafts for more ideas!

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  1. Sondra Rosencrantz says

    My sister and I are trying to start a small craft business. We are very interested in your articles. Up to the time you changed your website I could copy your articles and keep them in a notebook for reference. Since you changed your website I cannot copy any of your articles except the first page.
    Am I doing something wrong or do you not wnat people to copy your information or what? Please help!!!

    • maggie says

      Hi Sondra,
      You are welcome to print and save the information here for personal use. You should be able to print the whole article no problem after you open it up. However, if you are having issues, try highlighting the text you want and copying and pasting it into a blank word document. You will definitely be able to print from there. I hope that helps!

  2. says

    Great article, I really appreciate the advice and tips from the most recent email I received linking me to several different articles offering wonderful inspiration! I am very grateful for the time and effort everyone involved has put forth to help out crafting people such as myself! Thanks so much to everyone behind the scenes!


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