I Just Like to Make Things Book Giveaway!

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If you haven’t read my review of I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers, please do! Then you’ll be very excited for this giveaway we’re hosting.

One lucky winner will walk away with their very own copy of I Just Like to Make Things!

This book will help you figure out exactly where you want to take the next phase of your creative business with helpful exercises and details on areas of the crafting industry you may have never thought to expand into.


All you have to do to be entered is

1. “Like” Creative Income on Facebook

2. Leave a comment telling us how often you make something new on this post in the comment section below!

Contest ends on March 3rd at 11:59 pm Est
Must be 18+ and a resident of the US or Canada to win.
Only comments made on this post will be eligible.

The winner will be announced on Monday March 4th and notified by email so please be sure you filled out your email correctly.

Good luck!

UPDATE: This contest is now closed, thank you to all who participated!

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  1. Rhodora araneta says

    I make something new whenever an occasion comes up, such as a new baby coming. But more often than not, I get the urge to make something new every couple of months…just because!

  2. Julie Barnett says

    I love to make crocheted and sewn items to donate and sale. I’m working on getting my business plan together and need all the help I can get.
    <3, 🙂

  3. Yvonne Lemons says

    I like to make new things whenever I can. I enjoy trying new ideas and projects. Believe it or not I have already started my projects for Christmas. WooHoo

  4. says

    I make something new almost every day! Whether I paint or design something new, finish construction on a new piece of jewelry, engrave a new design, I do this every day. Several projects in the works, all to be completed soon!

  5. domestic diva says

    I don’t have FB, but we work on making something most days — it’s always a new project, even if we’ve made something similar before.

  6. says

    I have challenged myself to draw something everyday in the new year. Although I missed a few days I keep trying and my sketches show improvement. Always a recycled art project on my worktable (ok ok I have a bunch of them in progress) and I am busy creating at least 5 days a week!!

  7. Kathy E. says

    I make something new almost every day! I am just unleashing my creative spirit since I quit a highly stressful job. I love to sew, paint, draw, crochet, knit and cook! There may even be a few more skills buried within me that I haven’t discovered yet.

  8. Sheila Phipps says

    I am a school teacher and I make things almost daily to use in my class. But, for home it is typically around the holidays.

  9. Nancy Lindenback says

    I always have something on the go and if it’s something big then I take a break from it and make a few small things (like stuffed animals or a quick scarf or hat). I just started to learn how to crochet in June 2012 and have learned so many new things that I’m totally hooked on crochet. I even sold things at my local farmers market at christmas.

  10. Marilyn Onofriechuk says

    I am always crocheting or netting or sewing by machine or hand sewing. I want to sell some of my stuff but I don”t want to spend a lot of money. So some ideas would be great for selling my crafts.
    Thank you.

  11. says

    I make something every single day…it’s what I do instead of watching tv! I have a arts and crafts obsession…crochet, knit, paint, play with clay, art journal, jewelry…basically everything that catches my eye…I always have a million projects going on at once!

  12. CindySherwood says

    I am always working on at least one project at any given time, so I am creating daily. I knit, crochet, make jewelry, cook and bake. Since I never follow any pattern or recipe exactly, I’m always making things my own way.

  13. Sharon Klundt says

    I make crafts etc. constantly! Just recently got back into crocheting, am working on a baby cowgirl set at present. Just finished with my own design for Ladybug potholders.This book would be absolutely awesome to own. Thank you so much for the chance to enter.

  14. Monique Garneau says

    I have several projects going at once! A teddy bear, scarf, doll clothes, slippers, and more as needed or asked for. Always making something new and I love it!

  15. says

    Crafting, be it knitting,crocheting,embroidery, I am always making something daily. It has always been a dream for me, since I was a child to have my own craft shop. Working on some Easter Bunny slippers today, and just received my pattern for banners. Cant wait to try that out. Have a great Day!!!!

  16. Crystal says

    I made several things to sell for valentines day; heart-shaped potpourri satchets, heart chained scarves, and heart chained bookmarks.

    I make new things each time I look at my favorite crocheters on Youtube! I love it!

  17. Jen Soltysiak says

    Lol, I like to make something new as soon as I’m finished making the last something new! I go from one project directly to the next. I don’t usually like making the same thing more than once so very often I’m making something I’ve never done before.

  18. Andrea says

    I am always working on at least one project in the scattered spare minutes of the day. It is a never-ending process.

  19. says

    I make something every day.. sometimes I craft a lot other times just the next step until tomorrow..I have some kind of craft time everyday.,. 😀

  20. Sue McEndree says

    I try to make something new at least once a month, but I don’t sell very many. I mostly make them for gifts.

  21. MaryAnn says

    i try making something new once a week. I try to find crafts that i can introduce my girl scout to- I love when i find something that really sparks their interest in crafting

  22. Norita Seidel says

    I make something new at least 4 maybe 5 times a week. I especially make new purses all the time and sell when I can. I like doing craft shows and stuff but don’t want to have to get a business lisence to do it.

  23. says

    I try to make something new each week, but I get so busy with life that it doesn’t happen. I want to start my own crochet business, and I need help with the process. Thanks for the giveaway

  24. says

    I make something new every time I’m asked to for the business, which can vary a lot! But usually every few weeks or once a month. As for personally, I make new things almost everyday! I love to craft, especially upcycled crafts!! 😀

  25. Marion Timmermann says

    I try to make new things as often as my fibromyalgia allows & how often I have free time from taking care of my legally blind hubby. But these delays do not keep my mind from creating things in my head before the chance to make them by hand. It’s like think twice, create perfection!

  26. Karen says

    I am always making something. I almost always have 2 or 3 projects in the art room waiting to be finished when I think of something I want to try and start another one 🙂

  27. Elizabeth De Franco says

    I would like to make something everyday, but I have to grab a few minutes here & there to work on my projects. Hopefully, that will be changing very soon!!

  28. Michele says

    I make something new at least once a week. More often if time allows, but would LOVE to know where to begin on a CRAFTING business so I can do that full time! Would LOVE to win the book!!!

  29. Ellen Barth says

    I get so many ideas for new things but don’t make them as often as I would like to. Only make new things every month or so.

  30. Marjean Spencer says

    Constantly starting something new…right now I’m working on a Christmas ornament swap, a baby afghan for a great grandson coming in 3 weeks and a grandson coming in a month. Love finding UFO’s in my room that I can get finished as well…spend more time in my craft room than anywhere else in the house!

  31. Anne Nolan says

    I try to make something new at least once a week. Sometimes it just depends on how much time I need to put into the project.

  32. Karla Funnell says

    I try to make new things as often as I can, usually only maybe once a week or so. I like trying any kind of medium and will try most things. I don’t limit myself to just certain crafts, I like doing them all!

  33. Florence Eller says

    I just finished 30 knitted purses that stay on the knittiong needles they were knitted on. Now to crochet the thirty mickey head coasters.

  34. says

    for me, it depends, since I work with so many different mediums, and couple that with my disability. Some items take me a day or two to complete, other take a month or so. I refuse to rush anything just to get is finished……it has to feel “right”, and it will tell me when it is complete.

  35. Brenda Storer Maden says

    I start a new project almost as soon as I finish one. If I don’t have a new idea, I work on one that I have that is kinda on-going.

  36. Helen Tietz says

    I pretty much make something new every day. I sell alot of the things I make so therefore I have to keep things fresh and find new ideas.

  37. Victoria Perkins says

    I try to make new things as often as I can, my schedule doesn’t always allow it but every spring break and summer break I make stuff. 🙂

  38. says

    Everyday I make something new. I have a studio and when I’m awake, that’s where I’m at.

    Thank you for the chance to win this prize =)

  39. Kari says

    I make something new several times a week, I’ve been making hats and baby items lately and, depending on the pattern, can make up to three hats in an evening. Just getting into selling them this year.

  40. Mary Bright says

    I love to craft almost anything. I made jewelry, scrapbook, card making, quilling, sewing, knitting, stitching, etc.

  41. Linda Emery says

    I am retired and spend a couple of hours daily working on my crafts/projects. I would like to be able to make some spending cash from the projects that I make but don’t really know where to start.

  42. Shannon Gross says

    I’d make something new everyday if I could! At least one project for me a week and one or two with my daughters!

  43. Kelly Keane says

    I craft and repurpose as often as I can get into my craft space! Even if it is just making a card or repainting a table or making cushions, I love making things with what I have available

  44. Belinda Turner says

    I usually have something and and often several things in the makin’ all the time. When I sit to watch movies I knit. In some free times in the day I sew, felt,paint and make collages on canvas.

  45. Kim Lin says

    I always have some craft project going.. crocheting, shell crafting, survival bracelets, etc I also consider cooking a craft, so my answer would be daily.

  46. says

    I’m always working on something. This weeks it’s a crocheted throw and then some pony bag hangies. Who knows what I’ll be making next. Maybe it will be something for me 😀

  47. Tina Carlson says

    I used to make something new at least once a week. Right now I’m lucky to make something new once a month because my 9 month old keeps me busy.

  48. Lori M says

    I try to make a few pieces of jewelry a couple times a week. Having a hard time selling, would love some pointers aside. I love everything I create and most of the time give it away.

  49. Ruth Aubertine says

    I have been making things for years now, getting close to retirement and would love to learn how I could supplement my income. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!!

  50. Lori Meintz says

    I make something new every day that I can. I have been ill for about 2 years now but on my good days I sew and machine embroidery. I have been doing a little quilting and also make wreaths

  51. Laura K says

    In general, I try to make a new pattern or variation about once a month, sometimes more depending on the needs of the little ones or myself. However, so far this year, I’ve made all new projects – one a week – based on requests from friends for presents and compliments to Christmas gifts.

  52. Evelyn South says

    I make something new every chance I get. I have people ask me all the time “what would you charge to make me one of those?” I would love to learn more about selling my crafts

  53. Shari G says

    I make several new things a month. I am always working on something, so it just depends on how big the project is. Sometimes I have more than one thing going at a time 🙂

  54. cindy says

    I make new things 2-3 times a week. I’m a stay at home Mom & I make wreaths & sell them for extra income for our family.

  55. says

    I try to make something new at least once a week. Sometimes my something new is an altered art piece that can take several weeks to complete, as I have to work around my job to get it done.

  56. Debi says

    I have crafted and sewn all of my life. Starting at about 5 making my dollies clothes. People keep asking me why I don’t sell my things!? I say, I don’t know what to do to start and how to price and so forth and so forth…. This would probably help me finally share my things! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Rebecca Meditz says

    I make things all of the time when I am not working and would love to be able to sell them. But don’t want to lose the joy of crafting.

  58. Stacy says

    I love to crochet to sell and to make things for to sell for the bible college at our church and to give away as gifts.

  59. Dee Hammock says

    I love making new and unusual crafts, I usually have at least three or four things going on and whatever strikes my fancy is what I’ll be doing. I have two baby blankets on needles as well as crafting jewelry.

  60. Smita Setia says

    I usually start on a new project every other week depending on occasions and requests, so this book would be helpful in maximising that

  61. Jann Chelluk says

    I try to make something new every week to 10 days except for this month.. my mother in law has been in the hospital since the 1st and my husband has had a nasty cold.

  62. Chacoy says

    I try to make something new everyday whether it’s a recipe, craft, jewelry, sewing or paper craft I love to create and it’s a great way to get ideas out and turned into something amazing or not so amazing sometimes!
    Thank you for the opportunity(:

  63. Katrina says

    I make something new whenever inspiration hits (which is usually like a lightning bolt that wakes me up in my sleep!) I usually have 1 project a week completed unless I’m feeling overly ambitious! 🙂

  64. Jenny says

    I TRY to make something new every week. Someday I want to sell my stuff on a regular basis, but for now they are usually given away as gifts.

  65. Theresa Farmer says

    I like to make many different things: embellished belt buckles, personalized tumblers, cards. I really enjoy finding new ideas on trying them out.

  66. Melissa Johnson says

    I scrapbook as often as I can, but it tends to be only on weekends when I go to someone’s house or to a crop – there’s no real room in our house to do it. I’m “scrapping for hire” but I know I’m underpricing myself. But I still tend to do it more for the joy of the process then for the money. Scrapbooking makes me happy like shopping makes me happy – it doesn’t have to by my own pictures I’m scrapping (my own money I’m spending) – I just like making pages (I like buying things for others…the “thrill of the hunt!”) Of course, if I spent more time on my own pictures, I’d have more to show for it instead of always giving away my best work! 😉

  67. Jennifer says

    As a busy stay at home mom of four, I don’t make things as often as I would like to. I love crafting and try to fit in something creative as often as I can.

  68. Robin Fiedler says

    As a homeschooling mom and a leader in a homeschooling Girl Scout Troop, I make something new at least weekly. Right now, I am working with my girls on a big project for the 2013 Christmas craft fair season. Busy hands!

  69. Catrinia says

    I make new stuff all the time and even more in winter to make up for hours from work where they are cut so I can still pay my bill. I usually make about 4-6 new hats a week and just starting to get into blankets for all the baby showers popping up in my area. I wish tho for getting them sold faster and more things sold for this coming winter!

  70. Eva says

    I would love to turn my projects into income.I have my Granddaughter 2x a week,so we make some thing in her age.I made 4 Valentine pic frame’s in 2 days and have been making jewlery tree’s[Framed jewlery tree w/lights] I have new projects daily.I love making new stuff every day,from baking,sewing to working with jewlery.I just love it!

  71. Robin Johnson says

    After working the same job for the last 23 years and being unable to do the heavy lifting required, I am now unemployed. I love to crochet and now have the time, I like smaller projects and am making at least one a day. I just need to figure out what to do with all my stuff!

  72. Cornelia says

    Depends on the project. I’ve got plans to make some Easter items that will take maybe an hour, a birthday gift to make that will take 2-3 hours and the WIP afghan will take up to a week with the time I’m allotting it.

  73. says

    I am contantly making new crafts every other day. I usually work on 2 to 3 projects at a time. This way I am never bored making just one thing. I enjoy making things from recycled items such as liquor bottles, blown lightblulbs, plastic containers. I make flowers out of coffee filters, crepe paper and duct tape. I really enjoy my crafting, it is therapy for me..

  74. RUTH says

    I work on something almost everyday. I’ve got stuff on Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza and Craigslist. Looking at a few shops in the area that takes things on consignment. If I didn’t sell my things, I’d soon look like one of those TV hoarders!!

  75. Dawn Sievers says

    I knit, crochet or bead everyday and try to complete several projects each week. I’m a lucky to have Area 51, the home of all of my UFOs so I don’t have to pack everything up and put it away before it is completed.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  76. C says

    I love making so many new things. The internet is a wonderful place to look. I have made so many things from Blogs and sites…it’s great..

  77. Sabina says

    I would love to make sth new every hour of every day, but when I start making cards or other crafts I get out of control and can’t stop. I’m a student so I have to study too, that’s why I try to control myself :))) But still I manage to make sth new at least once a week!

  78. Laurie Pedley says

    I’m always creating something, but need to earn additional money. It would be great if that need for money was satisfied by creating crafts instead of taking away from my crafting time.

  79. Tambra Vandal says

    It’s non stop with me….I’m sewing & crocheting just about every day! Everyone I know has been telling me that I need to sell my handmade stuff, so maybe this is a good place to start.

  80. Rosemary Johnstone says

    I have been in the planning stages for a long time. I have bins of knitted and crochet items. Recently started with paper product. Love trying new items. The next thing to try is transferring photos to canvas. Would love to read this book, if my daughter and I can sell our items she maybe able to be a stay at home Mom.

  81. Becky Harrison says

    I love making new things. I make something new about once a week. Making a braided rug on a loom out of sheets and jeans. Recycle!!!!

  82. Deborah Hale says

    I’m always working on something (and it’s always “new”, even if the craft itself is old – like crocheting doilies!), right now I have an afghan and a doily on my hooks and a washcloth on my knitting needles. It really all depends on what I’m in the mood to do (and whether I can keep the kitties properly positioned on the afghan – oddly enough, nobody wants to sit on Mommy’s lap unless there’s an afghan involved)!

  83. Carol says

    I design and create five days out of seven. I love doing it so that’s why I am always thinking about what I want to do next. If I’m not actually creating something, I am thinking about creating something. 🙂

  84. Nora N. says

    I make or work on something at least once a week, more often if I have time…I stay pretty busy with work, school and kids. 🙂 I always wanted to make a living doing the things I love!

  85. Kristen says

    When the fever strikes. If I see a pattern,layout, or beautiful idea I waste no time getting out my supplies or go buy more.

  86. Toni Harding-Wandpflug says

    Right now I am making purses made on a handmade loom. I use all types of yarn for different textures. Each one is lined. they are quite nice. I am trying to get enought done to take to a craft show but it takes about a week to finish one. I also make survival bracelets.Sometimes I have to walk away for a few daysto get my creativity back.

  87. Cheryle Perkins says

    I have recently learned how to quilt. I love sewing so quilting was a definite much know how to do. I try to learn a new square design a couple times a month

  88. says

    I make things everyday just about. Have been giving some thought to selling–at least that’s what my family and friends think I should do. Most of them do not realize what really goes into ‘making’ and item. Oh well. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  89. Carole Ann Cook says

    I start several things at once, but I (almost) always complete them.”I Just Like To Make Things” would be so perfect. I need it.

  90. Deborah Atella says

    Every day through my email I come across something that I can’t wait to get home and make. Sometimes I print the instructions, other times I watch the video. Of course, I can’t actually make it immediately all the time. However, at some point during that week (usually in a couple of days) I find myself back at the craft store gathering up the required supplies, rushing home and begin creating. My name is Deborah and I am a craft addict! Thank you for listening.

  91. Mary Gray Hoffman says

    I have several projects going on at once..painting coconuts for yard art,working on Kukui Nuts now for jewelry, next “Jacaranda Pods” (exploring possibilities!) I’d love to win this book! thanks for the opportunity!

  92. Michele says

    I knit something new every week, if I really like it I make more than one. If I don’t like it, my mind redesigns it and tries to make it better. I give them as gifts, but if the item is over difficult and I’m pleased, keep it 🙂 !

  93. Shikha says

    I love making new stuff.. and I will be so happy to win this book..best birthday gift for my little one, as the day of draw is her 1st birthday 🙂 hope i win.. i am already imagining what i will make for my little one with this lovely book in hand.. 🙂

  94. Nicole Vaught says

    I don’t make things often enough. Usually if I plan on giving it as a gift. I’m in the middle of setting up my craft studio, hoping to be much more productive then 🙂

  95. Kelli says

    Right now I don’t make anything new ever. I’ve always felt that I lacked the creative, handy skills to do so, but I would like to learn!

  96. Linda Offutt says

    I am working on new projects all the time ~ a hat a night, scarves, small blankets ~ all for charity. Maybe I can turn this into a profit to make more things 🙂

  97. Valerie says

    Where do I start? I love creating new floral designs and taking leftover flowers apart to make things like butterflies, etc. I just finished making a pocket in the hoop to add to some plain pink shots for my granddaughter. Making new things is super fun, and my hubby just raves about them.

  98. Lori Beltran says

    I make stuff several times a week…HOWEVER…I make a mess almost daily! Is it possible to be a organized crafter?? LOL

  99. nancy benaway says

    I work on my craft things EVERYDAY. I love it. I wish I could sell some of my stuff but I just don’t know where. I can do just about anything.

  100. Sandi P says

    I make new items for gifts, or sometimes just because I want to try out an idea. With full time work, it doesn’t happen as often as I would like, but I’ve always got two or three projects in the works. When I retire (soon, I hope) I plan to be able to see projects through to completion regularly.

  101. Linda Morales says

    I am always crocheting something. I make blankets, some blankets and more blankets.It warms my heart to receive photos of friends/family wrapped up snuggly in something I made for them.

  102. Lori M says

    I try to make something almost every day! The creative juices start to flow and I have to stitch something up. Too many ideas are trying to get out of this brain! ha

  103. says

    My family are always making something for someone. Sometimes it is a priceless treasure or something we were ask to make. My daughter is always making something and I would end up helping her. We made our signs for the girls scouts cookies for sale, she drew all the cookies..good post…:)

  104. Kalynda says

    I make jewelry, and 3-dimensional art using recycled pieces. I also crochet, and just plain make things. I just want to make beautiful things even if no one else cares. I work on something every day.

  105. Claire M. says

    I make something new whenever I have money and time at the same time (so, recently not that much, but usually once a week or so). 🙂

  106. Carol says

    I have been working on crafts since the age of 5 and I am now 70 years young and going strong in crafting. I always have projects going and enjoy meeting people, demonstrating my skills and designing new ideas. I would now like to polish my selling skills so that I could earn more money to help support myself.

  107. Carol says

    I would love to win a copy of “I Just Like to Make Things Book” to help me polish my selling skills of my hand-made articles.

  108. Renee Cruell says

    After a long hiatus, I now realize that I am happier/more creative, when I am making things things to please myself rather than out of obligations to others. Now I look forward to making things everyday.

  109. Florence says

    I am always looking for new ideas to inspire the boys and girls I work with and I’m sure this book would help me.

  110. ellen kudron says

    I truly Love to make things! I love to sew and craft, but my greatest pleasure is to give my family and friends my “Hand-made” treasures.

  111. Mary Fitzgerald says

    I’m always making something for someone, but, take a class for a new craft monthly. Last month was a chenille scarf, really fun!

  112. Janice says

    I create every day even if it’s only in my mind, thats where my greatest idea’s come from . Than I can put it all together making my jewelry and it works out perfect.

  113. Tina says

    How often I make something new depends on what I’m making and currently working on. Obviously, large items take longer than smaller items. lol

  114. Steff says

    I crochet pretty much every day, and cross stitch as often as I can. I’d love some ideas for growing a little crochet business 🙂

  115. Nancy says

    I make things multiple times during the week. Like now I set up a crafts trade show with my crafty friends in my clubhouse. So being it is in the beginning of March we are all working fast & furious to get as much made as possible.

  116. MaryAnn Fortunato says

    I haven’t found a craft that I don’t love and I try to create something new almost daily using whatever medium I have handy at the time. I’m always trying new techniques that I see online or in craft books. I treasure the arts I’ve learned from my mother and aunt and I’ve passed these arts on to my own children and nieces and nephews.

  117. April says

    I have always been a crafty person. I have been wanting to learn more about turning my crafting into a business. I have always been afraid of loosing that “desire to craft and sew”if i decided to start selling my things.. Would love to learn more on how to keep my love of crafting going while I am also selling these items as well..

  118. Kimmy Anne says

    I make stuff at least once a week, more if I have time between cooking and cleaning and taking care of my 3 year old and 3 month old girls!

  119. Carole Ann Cook says

    Although thankful to crochet with a roof over my head and heat, I would love to have money too. I do love to make things. I’d love to have this help.

  120. Karen Smith says

    I love the satisfaction I get when I complete a project. I come from a family that crafts, as I watched my Grandmother and Mother craft all my life. Right now my main craft is crocheting, but I also love sewing, jewelry making, doll making, knitting and floral projects. There are many crafts that facinate me that I haven’t tried yet, such as silk fabric painting and fabric collage. Looks like a great book!

  121. cheeny says

    i am starting to sew and do crafts again that i no longer work. i usually do one of the other once a week. i just found your site today but i can assure i will be back often when i’m not crafting or sewing.

  122. Sheryl Nafziger says

    I’m always on the lookout for something new and/or different to work on. I enjoy the challenge. Most of the things I make are given to charitable oranizations – I always hope they put a smile on someone’s face.

  123. Jacquelyn Baker says

    I love to make things, and sometimes make new items on a regular basis, (daily or weekly) depending on time, energy & motivation.

  124. Michele says

    I really haven’t made much since my oldest daughter was about 4. Now she is 12 and interested in sewing and other crafts.

  125. Becky Gant Jenkins says

    I make something new in crochet at least once a month. I also sew and knit, so I am continuously working on something.

  126. Douglas says

    I like to thread and yarn crochet. A lot of things I give away but I also make items specifically to sell. And recently I’ve begun to work my own patterns. (After 12 years of crocheting you’d think I’d have done that sooner. :))

    Usually I have 2-3 projects going on at any given time. That gives me about 5-10 projects completed in a week’s time.

  127. Cyndie says

    My Grandma made every baby born in our family an afghan and I have tried to continue the tradition. It is hard, but I’ve almost got it. I keep on trying

  128. Amy Rodriguez says

    I like to crochet new things every day, im working on Easter hand bags for my granddaughters, I have 5 granddaughters and they always need some thing crochert from grandma and i love it, this pass christmas my grand baby call me and ask grandma could you please make a blanket for my doll because im useing a paper towel and she is cold lol, the blanket went out to VA the next day. So yes im in to new things every day i go to bed thinking what next for tomorrow, some day i like to have my own business and sell some of my blankets,hats,and sweaters.Thank you for a chance to win.
    Amy Rodriguez

  129. Monica says

    I try to crochet every day, but some of the patterns are a little over my skill level which make the project take longer. No prob… I LOVE crochet!!!

  130. Stacey says

    I have always had such pride in things I can make myself, and nothing brings more joy to others than the gifts we handmade just for them.

  131. Sue says

    I make something new as soon as I am done the last thing i have made.. some times I even have 3 things going at once.. I am on low income so that isn’t so easy.. but I make it work somehow. Because of illness i hadn’t crafted from 1997 to 2010 .. and I used to do so many different things. I would love to win the book to get all my creative juices flowing just that much more .. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  132. Deb Pruitt says

    Each day I am hunting for ideas for things to create! LOVE crafting, sewing, crocheting, etc! Also, love creating neat things with my 4 yo grandson! He recently got a new coin bank from our bank when we opened a savings acct for him. He LOVED getting out the buttons, yarn, glitter, etc. to decorate his bank!

  133. Nancy Lindenback says

    I work on something every day. Some days I make lots of little things (I once made 5 turtles in one day then finished the scarf and hat set I was working on. I love to make things too much sometimes and I want to make it all. I have lists of things I want to make, some for family and some to sell. I sell at local farmers markets but need to look into other avenues as I have more to sell than I have customers.

  134. Danielle Chester says

    I start something new probably two or three times a week. How often I finish a project, well…that depends on how complex the project is, how busy I get, and how many things I have started. Confession time: I have five projects that are more than three months old and one of them is over 18 months old and still unfinished…

  135. Norma Hyman says

    I live in an apartnent conplex and am always trying to make new things. when the others see what I’ve made, they want to learn how so I teach them!

  136. Dez Foster says

    I crochet every chance I get! Literally a crochet hook is practically attached to my hand. I love to learn new patterns. Within the last 2 months I’ve actually started selling my pieces at a salon and local boutique. They are a hit!

  137. Jeanice Coliron says

    I’m usually working on something every day. I crochet and make jewelry and try to do at least a little of both daily.

  138. Leigh Anne says

    When I come across a new pattern I like (which is quite frequently) I file it until I have someone to make it for. As soon as I finish one project, a new one starts, and that maybe 1 a week, depending on what I may be making.

  139. jill righter says

    I’m always making something. It’s not unusual for me to have a few things going on at the some time. It may b a few crochet projects, x-stitch, jewelry

  140. jill righter says

    I always have something going on. Some times more than one. I do crochet, x-stitch, jewelry, latch hook, maccramae, whatever i can get my hands on that sounds fun. I especially enjoy teaching the children at church.

  141. jill righter says

    Continued. I want so much to sell my products. I’m on limited income because of being forced to retire because of health reasons. I love learning new things and sharing with others when i can.

  142. Mary Baxter says

    I make hats (usually two are three a week) and donate them to chemo patients and also crochet baby items and dish towel holders to sell at craft shows.

  143. Julia says

    I crochet and work on a project everyday. Depending in the size, it may take a couple days to a few months as to how long it takes for a project to be completed.

  144. Terra LaPorte says

    I make something several times a week…ok, actually I START something every week; my list of unfinished projects is amazing! Really! Even I’m impressed with my ability to work on several things at once!

  145. lorraine says

    I am always working on making something, either knitting, crocheting, or sewing. Since I’m retired, I have the time and I like being creative and giving one of a kind gifts. This book would probably have many useful ideas I could use.

  146. Angela says

    I start setting new whenever I’ve finished the last item. Sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. Depends on what I’m crocheting

  147. Jeannette Klein says

    Making things relaxes me after a days work. I always sit at the dining room table and have many things on the go. 90% is given away as presents. Thankfully I have a husband who loves seeing the end result of my handiwork.

  148. Ann Marie Mones says

    I make something new as soon as I finish each project I am working on. I plan to hone my crafting skills before I retire from my current job, and start a new career making and selling items when I retire!

  149. Judy says

    I am always making something. I usually have a few things going at the same time. As I am working on something I am thinking about what to make next. Would love to do it all ! Just got a sewing/quilting machine for Christmas. Have many, many projects in mind.

  150. Traci says

    I don’t make things as often as I would like to. I do make handmade Christmas gifts, but would love to extend that to all gifts and more 🙂

  151. Sheila says

    I try to have a project going at all times. However, I am always looking for new patterns for our knitting/crocheting group at our local library.

  152. Betsy Haman says

    How often do I makes things? I would like to say every day. But I still have to work for a living, so I make things whenever I can find a few minutes of time … A couple of times a week an always on Saturday. I just love to sew and I sell my items at the local farmers market on Saturdays thru the summer. I will retire at the end of this year and I hope to do a lot more sewing and craft shows. I also do alterations and embroidery.

  153. Mary D'Errico says

    I like to start (and hopefully finish!) one new project a week, but I think about new projects all the time! If it’s something small, like a bead project, I’ll try to make a new one everyday.

  154. Sue says

    I am always making something. I have many scarves that I made and didn’t give away for presents. I have more afghans than I would ever need. I am still sewing All American Girl clothes and my granddaughters are too old. I am looking forward to retirement to make more. I need to sell my items to pay for the materials to make more.

  155. Beverly Brown says

    I love to make things for people and watch their expressions when I give them as gifts. My favorite thing to do is to crochet afghans, and scarves.

  156. Lauren says

    I make something new whenever I have time between work and school! I have a crochet Facebook page called L.A. Crochet and an etsy shop! Please visit my page! I agree with the name of the book “I just like to make things!” I don’t really care if I end up selling something, I really just like to make things! =)

  157. Carole Ann Cook says

    Recently interested in free form crochet. Actually may have always been doing it … if wonky mistakes count. Nice to know there’s a proper name for it. :0) Like mixed media everything.

  158. sue k says

    With my hands becoming so arthritic I’ve had to slow down considerably. I still like to make 3 or 4 new things a month though.

  159. susan french says

    Hi, I make something new and different everyday. I stay at home taking care of my husband who has Lou Gherigs, and sewing is my exscape for awhile. Thank you for all the toturials. I try to make many of them.

  160. connie says

    I create everyday. I love to look at what others are creating and be inspired. I would love this book! i would like to be a full time artist and be able to survive!

  161. Donna Hawkins says

    I am not a horder – not in the physical sense, but in my mind I would own all the yarn, fabric, vintage buttons and patterns in the world and would spend all day, every day making stuff! In the real world, I always have a project going and am an accomplished crocheter, knitter and seamstrtess – 50 years + worth of experience. Love to make stuff!

  162. Brenda Denman says

    I make a lot of little blankets for RSPA, I also make things for myself, I would like to make animals to sell for the charities I support.

  163. Diane Bresett says

    I try to make one or two things weekly depending on the ease of the project. Sometimes I list it for sale on our Facebook page. Other times I give it to someone special. I am sure I will put this book to good use.

  164. Suzi zawistowicz says

    I like to make something new most days and if I’m not making things I’m usually working out how I can improve on something I’ve previously made or planning my next project. Im currently In the process of setting myself up to sell my crafts online….. Can’t wait for it all to come together. 🙂

  165. Beth says

    I make something new at least weekly and sometimes daily. It just depends on my available time, energy levels and creative juices. I love all things related to fiber crafting. But I also enjoy other creative pursuits. Most items I make are gifted or donated and rarely for profit. I don’t want to feel obligated to make anything that would take away from the joy I get in the creative process, but I would love to earn some cash along with the accolades.

  166. Gina says

    I am constantly making new things. Helping teach crochet one day, quilting, or making baby clothes the next. Thanks for giving us the chance to take our creativity to the next level.

  167. Ruthann says

    Always have a project in the works, ususally begin a new one every 2-3 weeks and keep 4-5 of them going at all times

  168. Patty Trout says

    I love to crochet and sew. Even when I’m working on one project I’m already planning my next. So I usually have something I’m working on all the time.

  169. Sue says

    It seems like I have to have a crochet hook in my hand constantly!Recently I have been making and donating chemo caps. I love the feeling of helping people.

  170. Florence M DesAutels says

    this looks like it might be great book to have.
    I love all the new and differnt patterns you come up with.

  171. Clare Wollenhaupt says

    I would like to say I finish a project a day…but the truth is I always have several projects going at one time! So many crafts, so little time, and always something new to try.

  172. Kim says

    I love making new things! I have my daughter addicted to sewing now! I would love to win this! This would give us so much time together making gifts for upcoming holidays and birthdays!Fingers are crossed! Thank you for this opportunity!

  173. Migdalia Rodriguez says

    Thank you For this opportunity and For The great tutorials. I can access then whenever I need inspiration and with so many different options I’m now able to do more in less time. Now I’m doing something new almost every week.

  174. Kerri Pepper says

    I have recently gotten serious about getting my business going! A friend and I are having monthly sales and are getting our things online. I make 2-3 projects a week. along with a full time job! Would love to have this book!

  175. Carole Ann Cook says

    I am making scrap yarn (looking) bumpy dishcloths. Lots of texture and color. Fun to do. Also helped with 12’x12′ pillows for nursing home. Enjoyable/rewarding.

  176. Louise Saat says

    I enjoy many types of crafts. I like to work on making something everyday but it doesn’t work out that way many times. I would be interested in selling some things. My husband does jewelry and we could sale some of that as well.

  177. Karen Howard says

    I try to make something new about twice a month. More around any holiday except St. Patrick’s Day, as I live on a limited income.

  178. Karen Sahner says

    I Just became semi-retired and plan to make at least one item per week. I would love to win this book so I can learn to make a little money doing something I love. Looking forward to finding exciting things to make using my stash of vintage 70’s fabric. I am also one of those crafters that makes and stanches items for just in case gifts.

  179. Karen Sahner says

    I just became semi-retired and am looking forward to completing my collection of UFP’s. I enjoy sewing, beading, stamping and many others. I am currently working on making purses out of bras to raise money for breast cancer research. I would love to when this book and learn how to make money doing something I love.
    I am great at starting projects but need to work on finishing them in a more timely manner.

  180. Janet says

    I have been away from crafting and sewing for many years while attending to my business and my older children . Now I have grown children and four wonderful grandchildren, my business has been sold and I have the time to go back to my love of sewing and crafting! My two granddaughters are sewing up a storm at 5 and 8 years old! We’re having a great time!

    I’m having fun finding out all about the new items that have been our out in the last 10 years .

  181. Bonita says

    I’m a children’s librarian, and besides all the things I make at home, I make things with the kids every week- so I’m always looking for new ideas!

  182. Selina says

    I’m a new grandmother. I love to make things for my Grandson, for special holiday days but don’t always get to see him wearing it. I’ll go on making hoilday hats on the chance I get to see more of him.

  183. Jacqueline Chow says

    I’m always making something new as I have two teenage daughters and they are always asking me to make then something

  184. Charley says

    I am always making something new. I love to try new things to make. The only problem is sometimes they get done and sometimes it takes me a while to get around to finishing them.

  185. kimberlee says

    I make something new about every month. I like to get the project perfected with some practice before I can move on to tackle a new one.

  186. Lynn Baird says

    I make something new every day except for Sunday. On Sunday I answer e-mail and get orders ready to ship. I am impressed by this news letter as it has more relevant business tips than any of the others I have looked into.

  187. Monica Fields says

    It’s not so much making something new everyday but learning something new everyday and apply it to my life for a positive outcome. Thank you & may you have a blessed day 🙂

  188. Eva Martin says

    I spend every free minute at my machine. I love to create my own patterns. I have so much “stuff ” stocked up, my husband say we have to move to a bigger home!

  189. Connie says

    I make something new at least once a month, usually more often. I like to try new things if they are simple to make.

  190. M-R says

    I try to make something new daily. I go from project to project. Some projects take a while longer, but I usually have more than one going at at time. I would really love to win this book.

  191. Joyce says

    Thank you for giving me the chance to win this book. I would love to have it because I love to crochet. I try to make something at least every week. Right now I am working on a blue baby afghan for my new great-grandson who will make his appearance on April 11.

  192. Valetta says

    Thanks for the chance to win this book! I am very bust creating daily… Jewelry, crocheting ,sewing,etc.. I love to make and sell plus give away and this book can only be a great help to my business!

  193. Joyce Toenjes says

    I make something new as time allows; which is definitely not often enough! I alwyas manage to add something new to the many unfinished projects waiting for me to return!

  194. Nicole says

    I love to paper craft and I would really like to have a chance to win this book! I make something new all east 3-4 times a week . It gives me great joy to create!

  195. Angie says

    I always have tons of things going on around me. I’m a decorator and an artist, so I have things for clients, things for friends. things to sell, and things for me, my family or home. I do jewelry, wreaths, lighting fixtures, artwork, found art, floral items, special event decorations. It’s a really good thing that my husband recognized the need for a studio when we were building our home !

  196. Linda Jamison says

    I make something every week as well as working on long term projects. Winter is when I stockpile products to sell at craft fairs in summer. Thanks for opportunity to win this great book.

  197. Jan C says

    I am so glad that my mother and grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was young. I am always working on something, and usually for gifts or for the nursing home or hospital that I work at. I have in progress at the moment, 2 baby blankets, both are due in May, one afghan for a wedding gift in October, and have an embroidered pillow in the works, don’t know where that is going yet. My hands are always busy.

  198. Linda Jamison says

    I try to make something new a couple of times a week. I enjoy the newsletters I receive and complete something from them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  199. Bridget Wolfe says

    I’m always working on several projects at any given time. Sewing, crocheting, etc. And I repair things that people give me that they were going to dispose of. I just “finished” repairing a queen size cathedral window quilt. I couldn’t get all the stains (minor) but there are no longer any holes. I’ll try most any craft at least once. And at least attemp to repair something no matter what the damage. I don’t always suceed but I try. Ilove to work with my hands.

  200. Carla garza says

    I make something New everyday i make hand made hair bows for my daughters and friends i also make blankets trying to learn how to make quitting blankets i love making n learning new things

  201. Becca Cox says

    I try to make something new at least once a week. Sometimes it is more often, sometimes less. Making something new rejuvenates me

  202. Amber Van Meter says

    I love pinterest! There’s so much to try & so many ideas to steal! Lol. Im on several sites bookmarking pages & Im working on something usually every day.

  203. Carmen Lara says

    I make something new every day. I am a graphic designer and also teach at a local university. I started my hand made handbag business one year ago and have been selling them every chance I have. I love designing new models, and enjoy selling them. I also like to knit for my grandchildren.

  204. Nancy Lindenback says

    I just finished crocheting what I thought would be a really cute tank top then I took it apart as although it fit me well, I looked super fat in it lol.I think I used too heavy of yarn. So I made a clunky bracelet and then some cute granny square bookmarks and now I am going to make either granny square slippers or a lightweight Zen jacket

  205. Marsha says

    I start something new every few months but inevitably get sidetracked by something else… I finish something every month though 🙂

  206. CP Thornton says

    I enjoy learning and experiencing new ideas almost daily! Sharing ideas with friends and family and being able to turn them into an income is extra special!

  207. Laura Elliott says

    I have just started making new things with knitting. Have knitted 3 things over 6 weeks which, as a novice, I am quite pleased with. Have loads of ideas for sewing and a new sewing machine. I have a lot to learn but looking forward to it!

  208. Nancy Lindenback says

    My husband says I make things too often. I always have severl things on the go. Something large and then a few small things to take a break from the large project. I am running out of room for all my stuffed animals. I have tubs full of them.

  209. PatK says

    Everyday I work on something new. I’m a bead weaver and I sew. Right now I’m working on leather wrap bracelets and wool and/or denim bags/purses. I would very much like to join a group working towards creating/improving craft/art show displays. I’ve been doing craft shows for several years and have changed my display every year…and yet I’m still not satisfied. Need help…

  210. Violet Ecton says

    I love all sorts of crafts and it would be nice to make a little money sometimes. Now I usually just give things away to family or charities.

  211. Sheila Quinn says

    I have a project going at all times. Knitting, jewelry, scrapbooking, paper crafts of all kinds, you name it–I work on something everyday.

  212. sally wess says

    it seems that i’m either on my computer, or sewing machine next to it. i try ro make several different things each week. i love to create!

  213. Tonia Geld says

    I make something new almost daily. It is therapy for me. I always mean to sell them but usually end up giving it away as a gift. I love the joy it brings to other people.

  214. Anastasia Alexander says

    I make something new as often as I can. I am limited because of medical conditions, but creating gives me joy.

  215. Lizzy says

    You can find me making something new about four to five times a week. I love creating new projects for myself and my family or just finding a new ones online to try out. I just started a project for my daughter’s room last night and will start on the boys’ room when it’s finished. I dabble in everything I can get my hands on from sewing to paper crafts I will try it all.

  216. Janet Coy says

    Im always working on something. I don’t like to buy anything to make something…..I prefer upcycling/recycling what I already have or making someone else’s trash into a treasure.

  217. Lisa DeShane says

    I enjoy making new projects daily and because i work with multi media i have a wide range of fun things to make and do!
    I create because i can!

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