How To Live a Better Life with Less by Crafting

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Have you ever heard of the saying “Less is more”? The more you have to do, the more stressed you are. Learn to do less and love more. Craft and keep yourself busy. Using reusable items in your home makes things a lot easier as well. You don’t have to go out and buy materials if you already have them at home.

Simple PleasuresSome people seem to think that less is not enough and everyone wants more: more money, more candy, more stuff. If you have too much money you might become greedy, if you have too much candy you might get sick, and if you have too much stuff, you will have no space for experiences and relationships. You can lead a better life with less by crafting.

If you have less, you have more time. You have more time to spend with friends, family and to do the things you love like crafting. You can then craft something for your loved ones. If you have no time because you’re so busy, you don’t have to time to shop for yourself or others. If you have old jeans laying around the house and no use for them then you can use them for crafting purposes. You can make a lunch bag or a utility belt out of old jeans or you can make a yoga bag or a bucket for your skeins of yarn. Check out the 14 things you can do with old jeans from for more ideas!

The great thing about living a better life is that you don’t need to earn more money or buy a bigger house or better car. You need less of all of that. It’s easily done by cutting back and here are a few ways on how to do this:

Produce Less:
We all try to get things done and get them done as quickly as possible and as much as possible, but if you try to get everything done as quickly as possible and in big amounts then you won’t have time for the small stuff, for the beauty and meaning behind it. If you’re making yourself a nice crochet afghan, don’t create it as fast as possible just to get it done. Take your time and enjoy what you’re doing, enjoy the fact that you can crochet this beautiful work of art. Produce less and spend more time making things better.

Less Stuff, Less Stress:
Most of us think having more is better, but in fact, if you realize that the joy of life isn’t having stuff, then you will be able to let go of things and have less clutter. Having less clutter in your life makes things less stressful and more enjoyable, which in turn can make you relax. Focusing less on buying stuff means you have more money and less debt, which allows you to live the better life. If you are buying less then you have more you can craft. You can reuse materials and save!

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You constantly need to edit things in life. Think of your life as a work of art, with you being the artist, or the crafter. Come back to your craft and make it more beautiful and keep repeating this step, coming back to it until it is perfected and you have enjoyed every little second of making your craft.

Get off the computer:
Our generation is mainly focused through online and media which consumes our lives. If you take some time out from the web and cut back, you can really focus on your crafting. This will give you so much more time to enjoy the things you love and show others what you can create.

Incorporate some “Me Time” into your schedule:
Cut back on your workload, on your schedule and commitments and focus on the things that make the highest impact and drop everything else. If crafting is the one thing that has the most impact on your life, then get to it. You can do this overtime, but do it consciously. What you gain out of this is that you’ll have more time in your life for other things and you’ll be more effective with your time. Of course, doing the things you love most will also make you less stressed.

Connect with others and your passions more:
Be sure to spend your valued time with your loved ones and the things you are passionate about, aka crafting. You connect with what’s truly important in your life, hence living a better life. You have just made room in your life for your true passion. You can live a better life with less by crafting and concentrating on the things that make you happy!

So craft, and craft well. Take your time in making the things you truly love!


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