Give Your Customers and Colleagues the Gift of Kindness

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What can your small business give to your customers and colleagues this year? How about the gift of kindness?

Here are some ways your small business can show kindness throughout the year:

  1. Say thank you for good content – Follow someone on Twitter who is particularly helpful? Read a blog that provides tips that you’ve really used this year? Think of a blogger or fellow small biz owner who has particularly helped you this year, and take a moment to say thank you.
  2. Reply to emails with kindness – I know, I know . . . we’re too busy to type lengthy emails filled with kindness, right? I didn’t say that the emails had to be lengthy. Even a short email can be kind. Before you click “Send,” read the email back to yourself. How is the tone of the email? Is it kind?
  3. Answer the phone with a kind voice – If you answer the phones for your business, sound truly interested in your customer’s needs, and offer to help in any way possible. Simply putting some “joy” in your voice will make a great impression.
  4. Leave helpful comments on blogs in your niche – You do read other blogs in your niche, right? And you do leave comments on those blogs, right? Remember that helpful comments speak volumes about you and your business.

By the way, you’ll be surprised just how little time it actually takes to share some kindness. Kindness is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Originally featured on On the Dot Creations. Republished with permission.

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