Delivering on your Sales: The Ins and Outs of Shipping your Handmade Crafts

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Sold items from your online store will need to be shipped to the buyer. Have a plan before your open your online store. There is a lot to consider in the packaging and shipping of your handmade items including labeling, protecting the goods from damage, and getting the purchased item to your customer in a timely manner. Check out what you’ll need!

Shipping is a time consuming aspect of online selling. Most online store services expect you to ship an item and have it arrive to the customer within 2 weeks. That may seem like enough time, but you need to be organized so you’re timely with shipments. Being well organized is key to any shipping department! Be neat in your packing, taping, labeling, and invoicing.

Free, Flat, or By the Pounds and Ounces
Make sure you have payment before shipping anything and you need to consider what you are going to charge for shipping and handling.  I’ve noticed that some online vendors offer free shipping. Once again you need to know exactly how much time and how much money it is costing you to ship. Free shipping will directly affect your profit on your handmade items. Shipping charges are done by weight and sometimes by size or shape.

Go to the post office or shipping company you plan to use and get your item weighed. You want to weigh the item in its shipping container and the post office or shipping company will be happy to weigh it and let you know the cost of shipping. If your item is heavy, you might want to consider using one of the flat rate shipping boxes offered by the post office and many shipping companies. Do your homework and find the most cost-effective way to ship your goods.

Avoiding a Break-Up–Protecting your Shipped Items
You need an envelope or box that will protect your handmade item so it arrives undamaged. How are you going to handle damages? You may need packing materials, and you have to decide if you are going green or using less-green cushioned wrap or packing peanuts. Try to reuse any boxes that arrive in good condition or packing materials that you get. You should use quality packaging tape that helps you use less but still secure any envelopes or boxes. You’ll also need space to do your packing and shipping. Make sure you either computer generate or print neatly when doing your labeling.


By: Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert

How do you ensure that your customers are satisfied with the product they receive? I this it would be a nice touch to throw in a little handmade charm with one of these pretty Watercolor Hearts Tags from FaveCrafts.

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  1. says

    I recently had an order for a custom made 3 tier centerpiece for a bridal shower. I shipped a fairly large box via USPS, it NEVER arrived! I did everything I could to track it down, only to get the run around from the post office several times. The package was just LOST! I felt so bad for the customer, so I offered her a gift certificate to cover the amount of her order + shipping (even though it wasn’t my fault) The customer was very happy by my gesture, she placed an order for some of my mini paper high heel shoes – they actually made it to her and she LOVED them! She left me great feedback and I am sure she will be a customer for life! Lesson learned here- ALWAYS GET INSURANCE & TRACKING NUMBER/DELIVERY CONFIRMATION! Who knows it could help!

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