Taping a Segment for a Craft TV Show

How does a person prepare to tape a segment for a craft TV show? Maria gives you a behind-the-scenes look. A while back, I  taped several TV segments for FaveCrafts.com that aired on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden on PBS. The photo (right) shows me on the set with Sheryl Borden. It’s always a thrill to do […]

Entering the World of V-logging


I’m not sure why I decided I wanted to use video in my blogs. It’s not a new concept. Not new at all! I heard about v-logs through social media around the same time I heard about blogging. I learned more about vlogs by participating on YouTube, too. It’s not hard to create vlogs. Basically, you make […]

A Handy Guide to Making Craft Videos


I’ve created what I think is a comprehensive checklist of what you’ll need to make a craft video. This is mainly a list of equipment you’ll need for production and editing. I’m making my suggestions for  equipment with the amateur video maker in mind. Someday you might just need to hire a professional crew to […]